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Do you have any control over what happens to you when you die

No. You have no control over what happens to you when you die. You only have control over the life you live. When you die you are thrown into your next life. And it is there that you need to control what you do. The only way to control what happens to you when you die is to live a better life when you are alive.

And how do you live a better life. By showing kindness understanding patience empathy and a willingness to help others. To seek wisdom knowledge and truth. That is how you earn a better life.
ToddpicogramakaSatan · 70-79New
According to Ruskis, you here 3 days and can decide what places you want to visit; then from 3rd till 9th day you visit heaven and hell; then from 9th till 40th you go thru 20 ordeals where demons accuse you of sins; if you show pride there, it's bad; just pray. Then you bow down to Jesus and then He sends you to temporary hell. And at a later date maybe He will send you to permanent hell. Book of Revelation says that the antichrist and the false prophet were thrown into the lake of fire if they didn't repent. If they repented, then someone else would assume their positions out of pride. Or everyone repented like in Ninevah. The choice is yours on whether to repent.

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