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5 Things We Should Never Do As Christians. The Bible Warns. This is dangerous!

In today's world, where daily challenges and temptations surround us on all sides, being a true Christian becomes more and more of a challenge. Many of us are faced with the dilemma of how to live a life consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ in the face of the growing pressure of a culture that often promotes values contrary to our faith. In this spiritual battle in which we are participants, it is worth stopping for a moment and looking at our lives with a critical eye.
Are we genuine Christians who live according to God's Word? Are we aware of certain habits that have demonic characteristics and distance us from God? In entering the path of spiritual transformation, as Christians, we must remove our old selves that bear the marks of the devil.
God our Father is immeasurably holy, merciful, and good. It is the source of truth and the perfect indicator of who we should be. As His beloved children, our goal is to follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came into the world to save us and show us the way to salvation. The demonic habits we will be discussing are not only destructive to our spiritual lives, they also have dire consequences for the world we live in.
The Bible is full of clues about the character of God and the characteristics of Satan. It is like a beacon that lights our way, showing us which actions are in line with God's will and which are contrary to His plan for us. By learning about those traits and habits that are inconsistent with God's will, we can understand what action needs to be taken to reverse their influence and free ourselves from them. Let's check what bad qualities and habits we need to get rid of from our lives.
The first trait and habit is to bring people down. This habit is closely related to our human nature, and above all to our ego, which is sometimes too easily deceived by dark forces. Many of us may think that we do not have such a habit, that we are free from negative tendencies and only seek the good of others. However, have we ever stopped and wondered if we really never wished anyone ill? Have we ever felt envious or envious of the successes of others, wished them to fail, or simply felt relieved when someone stumbled? If we are honest with ourselves, we will understand that such negative emotions sometimes penetrate our consciousness.
These negative emotions are like toxins that creep into our mind and heart, leading us towards destruction. We often don't realize that this is when the devil appears inside of us, beginning his relentless work of dragging us and others down. Let us not forget that the devil is the one who rejoices in our defeat and setbacks. That's what the devil's job is - to bring people down to fall. He is a master at manipulating our thoughts and emotions, instilling in us the belief that our own successes are worth nothing, and the failure of others is a source of satisfaction for us.
Satan wishes all people eternity in hell. We, as children of God, must give up the desire to bring people down, because that is not God's attribute, but the devil's. Awareness is the first key to transformation. We need to look at our motivations, emotions and reactions to other people. We must constantly work on ourselves by carefully observing our thoughts, emotions and reactions. It is also important to remember that our struggle is not just individual. God is with us and in us, providing us with the strength and support we need in the process of transformation. When we give our hearts and minds to God, He helps us discover our true nature of love, compassion, and kindness.
The second sin we should get rid of as soon as possible is cheating. Deception is a trait that distances us from the true essence of our spiritual nature. In the context of our Christian faith, honesty and truthfulness are the foundations of our spiritual life. As Christians, we have an example in Jesus Christ himself, who is our master and model. Jesus was always faithful to the truth and lived a blameless life. Cheating is against the teachings of Jesus Christ. God our Father is truth in itself, and we, as His children, should imitate His attributes.
Let us not forget that deceit is a quality of the devil. The devil is the father of lies, who not only misleads us, but also leads us to sin and separate ourselves from God. Deception is a reversal of truth and leads to chaos and confusion. Deception damages our relationship with God and with others. When we deceive others by misleading them, we violate their trust and hurt their hearts. Moreover, deception is also self-destructive for ourselves. Deception makes us lose our integrity, dignity and trustworthy name. We cannot build real and healthy relationships if our behavior is based on lies and manipulation.
We should study the Scriptures to learn God's commandments and guidelines for honesty and truthfulness. Discovering a deeper understanding of God's teachings will help us build our moral sensitivity and strengthen our will to choose honesty. The third sin that we should be especially careful about and fight against is pride. Originating from the devil, pride is a trait that contradicts God's teachings and poses a serious threat to our faith and relationship with God. We must be aware of the threat of pride and strive to overcome it in our lives.
Lucifer, who was an angel of great glory, rebelled against God, desiring to be his equal. His pride caused his downfall and he became a symbol of rebellion and separation from God. His quest for self-sufficiency and superiority is an example of how pride can distort our nature and lead us away from God.
Pride is a quality of the devil, not of God. God is the source of all glory and wisdom, but also humility. True glory and wisdom come from God, and as His children, we should direct our hearts to humility and glorify God. Jesus, our model of perfection, came into the world as a humble Servant to teach us that true greatness lies in serving and belittling ourselves for the sake of others. Pride is a trap that leads us astray. When we succumb to the sin of pride, we start to look too high at ourselves and too low at others. We begin to consider ourselves better than others, to strive for recognition and exaltation. This leads us to abandon true relationships of love, empathy and compassion towards others.
The devil is constantly looking for opportunities to lead us into the temptation of pride. It often gives us thoughts about our uniqueness, superiority over other people and the need to gain recognition and power. We are tempted to become ruthless, selfish, and proud. It deceives us that self-sufficiency and complacency are the path to success and happiness. We must fight the sin of pride to become more like Jesus Christ, not Satan.
The fourth sin, which is especially painful for others, but also for us, is the habit of creating conflict and division. This type of sinful behavior includes gossip. Gossip, as one of the forms of divisiveness, is an action that comes from the evil one and is a threat to the harmony and unity of the community. Gossip is spreading unconfirmed information or malicious opinions about other people. It is an act of dishonesty that is used to undermine someone's reputation, cause conflicts or divisions in the group.
Often gossip is built on stereotypes, superstitions and unwarranted judgments. They cause loss of trust, disappointment and negative emotions among those affected. Gossip is completely against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors, be merciful, and respect others. Gossip violates these rules because instead of love and respect, it introduces anger, hatred and heartbreaking relationships.
In the Letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul appeals to the faithful that "no corrupt word should come out of your mouth, but only good, edifying, to bring grace to those who listen." It is important to understand that gossip not only harms to others, but it also affects us. Being a gossip person makes us carriers of negative emotions and toxic thoughts. This creates tension in our relationships and weakens our spirituality. Gossip puts us in the role of judges who judge others without reason, forgetting that only God can judge
Gossip is one of the tools Satan uses in his constant fight against God's plans Gossip is like a linguistic poison that spreads through communities, destroying relationships, causing conflict and division Satan knows full well that gossip it has the power to weaken unity in the Church and among believers, therefore it encourages us to practice this harmful habit, and as Christians, we should strive to get rid of this habit and behave as true children of God. We should imitate Jesus Christ who taught us love, respect and mercy.
The fifth sin we should avoid is tempting God. Tempting God is an attempt to manipulate, test His grace and power, which is a direct feature of Satan. The devil, as a tempter, is a master of manipulation and provocation. Its purpose is to weaken our faith, undermine our trust in God, and lead us into the temptation of sin. In the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, we read about a situation in which the devil tried to tempt Jesus himself in the desert. Taking advantage of His hunger, He tried to persuade Him to depart from God's will. However, Jesus remained faithful to the Father, rejecting the temptations of the devil. Tempting God has a deep spiritual meaning. This means that pride speaks through us, we try to put God to the test, demanding from Him signs or evidence of His presence and power. It is an attempt to impose our will on God.
Tempting God is an expression of our disobedience and attempt to put ourselves above His authority. As Christians, we should reject such attitudes and learn humility, trust and obedience to God. We should realize that God is our Creator, who knows our needs and what is best for us. Tempting God contradicts our faith and trust in His plan for our lives. Instead, we should seek fortification in prayer, study of God's Word, and striving to live His teachings. We should persevere in faith, even in the face of difficulties and temptations, confident that God is with us and gives us His grace to overcome all Satan's attacks.
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