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A seldom known hero of the faith

Renee of France- had it not been for The Banner I'd have never heard of her!

Betrayed by her own husband who was eager to please the Pope, she went to jail for her reformed faith and refused to recant, she only cracked when she had the threat of her two children being taken away from her, but I have no doubt she'd have died for her faith on Christ.

When she returned to France the persecution appeared to have died down and she took the teaching of Luke 12:33 more literally than anyone I've read about and used the castle she was given to house and help Protestants fleeing persecution.

Such a complicated life she lived with her marriage, etc but lived amazingly to God's glory and she will be a fascinating person to meet in heaven!
AMEN TO THAT, Brother!! What a great dedicated and faithful witness she was. I'm thankful they didn't kill her. Any mother would have done the same and like you, I'm sure she would have died for her faith. It will be so nice to meet her in heaven!! Little did she know she would be talked about for years. What a great example. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us.
@LadyGrace Thanks so much for the appreciation, she is unfortunately not very well known but with the publication I subscribe too, they always dwelve into this area of little known membersof the faithful!
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