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5 Shocking End Times Prophecies "The earth will become a great graveyard". The end of times

5 terrifying prophecies describing the end times, visions of the end times, the second coming of Jesus Christ, cataclysms, the coming of the antichrist, and general chaos. The end of times. Apocalypse. A vision of the end times. The film presents the vision of the end of the world of five chosen prophets. The first is Johannes Friede, an Austrian monk of the order of St. John, who died in 1257. He predicted all kinds of cataclysms, such as , floods, earthquakes, which will be more noticeable than ever before in human history and which will herald the end of time. He also described a great darkness during which the earth would be covered with dust, possibly indicating volcanic eruptions. The second prophet is Sister Palma, who lived in Italy in the 1800s. She predicted three days of darkness during which the demons who were doing evil in the world would be released from hell. Supernatural phenomena will appear in the sky and various calamities will occur. Then the world will be cleansed along with the church. The third prophet is Sister Mary. Sister Marie was a nun in France who had an apocalyptic vision in the early 19th century. Sister Mary also describes the Three Days of Darkness and talks about the candles that will be the only way to light yourself during this period. Sister Mary talks about the demons that will appear and run rampant in the world these days. I also describe a tsunami, the sea comes ashore and floods the continents. There will be a famine in the world, plants will stop producing, there will be a huge crop failure. He is talking about a crisis that will come suddenly and unexpectedly and affect the whole world. Another prophet is Saint Ephraim. The saint describes the coming of the Antichrist, his cunning and the consequences of his actions. He talks about the fact that a large number of people will follow him thinking that he is a messenger from God. He will deceive people and nations, he will perform miracles in heaven and on earth, but he will be a cunning serpent who seeks to destroy mankind
These are not hard to predict. They are all spoken of in God's Word. But show me the verse where it says that demons will APPEAR and be released and run rampant in the world. The only time these will be seen is during the Great tribulation period. And demons already run rampant in this world. That's obvious from the evil we see that goes on in this world. I don't depend on what man says. I depend only on what God says in His Word.
saintsong · 41-45, F
@LadyGrace Yeah I trust in the written word itself, rather than new prophecy. Don't add to the bible or it's plagues will be added to you.
SDavis · 56-60, F
The Bible has already listed the events to come. And anything that it said to be prophesied from God to a person after the resurrection of Christ is no different than that which is already written.

One cannot say that God does not still let people see the events that are to come. The Bible did not say when it did not say what will cause these things to come into play, just that it is going to happen.

Global warming effects the seas, it affects the weather and we see the effects of global warming with historical flood, historical hurricanes, historical tornadoes, historical tsunamis, historical earthquakes, historical volcanic eruptions.

The weather also affects crops - too much heat - too much water - drought _ less to bad to no crops.

Population and the traveling to and fro around the world increases iniquities, easier to spread pandemics, and increases famine if food becomes short (there are millions that go to bed hungry each night) and the world has the capability of feeding them they just choose to ignore.

So the newly written signs of the times is no different than that which is already written in Scripture.
barbara73 · 51-55, F

The message of Mary of La Saletta, which was given to Melania Calvat (a Carmelite), concerns the last times. Mary mediates the events that will take place before the return of Jesus Christ to earth. In the message of Mary, she talks about the fall of the church, the terrible tribulation of people, the coming of the Antichrist and the many destructions that God will cause on earth. The message given to Melanie Calvat is dated 1846. The message was officially approved by the Catholic Church, and due to the misuse of interpretations of the message, the Holy Office issued a decree in 1915 that forbade any commentaries to be added to the message. This regulation has not been repealed and is still valid today. Melanie Kalvatová herself while delivering a message to Pope Leo XIII. she emphatically added that she objects to any other text that people would dare to publish after her death, as she demands that the message remain in the form given to her by the Virgin Mary.
darkmere1983 · 46-50, M
these foretellings of fire and brimstone is man's invention, nothing to do with god, god is love and forgiveness.
msros · F
I wouldnt doubt it. It is already becoming so.

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