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The state of Israel 🇮🇱 ironically and oddly reminds me of pharaoh when he would k*ll Israelite babies

And pharaoh’s logic was that those babies were future threat to him because there is a high probability that they would grow up to resist or at least one of them would rise to resist the slavery and Humiliation imposed upon them so it was necessary evil and needed security measures to protect his empire and tyranny . Israel politicians are calling Palestinian children Na*is and future Hamas members who brought the gen*cide upon themselves
Because they are likely to grow up to be against apa*theid and occ*pation and are a threat to their settler colony which was formed in 1948 by literally stealing Palestinian homes and expelling Palestinians from their homes and taking readily decorated homes to themselves which continues until today .
They see a dude from California and New York with an American passport coming to their land and taking their ancestral home . A
Literally home which they have a key to .

People who came on boats from Europe and and unleashed h*ll on the land since claiming to be indigenous while calling the actual indigenous people irrational and barbaric animals .
The acts of the State of Israel seem to hide behind the insinuation that to condemn them is to indulge in anti-semitism. That is not so.

For over 100 years the indigenous people of Palestine have been betrayed by the so called Great Powers. Left without a recognised voice they have now only "terrorists" to fight their own corner.

And yes, the ethnic cleansing of 1948 when 100's of Palestinian villages were wiped out was a disgrace (far too weak a word)
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