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How come there hasn't be a recommendation to wear regular gloves outside? As long as you wash the gloves in soapy water, you'll kill the virus and

keep it off your hands.
Regular gloves will carry the virus and will then need to be washed at 60 degrees or above to get rid of it. That's why only disposable gloves are practical unless you like doing a lot of laundry.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
Soap will kill this virus due to its structure.
@plungesponge Gloves are not hands and fabric is not skin. If you wear rubber gloves then yes, you could wash them in soap and water. With fabric gloves, they are far more porous than skin. So for one they will be saturated with water and then you can't wear them and, for another, the virus may not be merely sitting on the surface.
Miram · 31-35, F
are you using your feet and mouth to take off the gloves or something?

I counted how many times I washed my hands at work last night, after changing the gloves

625 times. And that's during five hours of work.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
Can't you just dip the gloves in soap water? Then you don't need to change them.
Miram · 31-35, F

No you can't.

The gloves have tiny pores, germs can travel through them. Soap isn't shown to be effective in sterilizing disposable gloves and you're increasing your risk of contamination. And you be taking germs from one place to another.

You have to use your own hands to remove gloves, so your hands are contaminated regardless.

Just wash your hands according to the proper steps and avoid touching face while out.

Even better don't go out unless necessary.
washing hands removes the virus, doesn't kill it outright.
and wearing gloves will provide minimal protection in this instance.
just wash your hands and don't touch your face.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
soap water kills it outright
@plungesponge first off, a virus isn't alive.
second, to "kill it" you need to denature or destroy it's protein structure.
third, washing doesn't do the above very well unless you use costic materials and hot water.

when you wash your hands you are removing the virus from your hands more than you are "killing it".

just as effective though, so what's the deal?
bookerdana · M
People in NY are wearing masks and gloves😷✋........

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