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I Went to a Catholic School

My school was owned by a Catholic priest and was run on Catholic lines. It was very religious, very structured, and full of ritual. We all took turns in helping in the chapel, as altar boys, as choirboys or whatever. On weekdays we wore ordinary uniforms, but on Sundays we wore cassocks. it was an intense atmosphere, good education, plenty of education, but also a very strong ethos of 'consequences', whether corporal punishment, extra cross country runs, cleaning and polishing fatigues... but the default was the slipper or cane to be honest, and this was not the preserve of one master, but of all. There was a school convention of a beating being 'on not more or less than one layer of clothing' though the headmaster always caned bare, and of course dormitories, changing rooms etc gave plenty of scope for bare or nearly bare 'there and then' punishments. This was the natural order and quite normal in those days and, it goes without saying, totally approved of by my step father. The school no longer exists, nor would you expect it to, as such privately owned schools disappeared decades ago. There is actually an out of town shopping centre where it once stood!
Caned4doz · 61-69, M
What you describe resonates with me. I also went to a Catholic boys school, but not as a boarder. There was a strong ethos for order, regulation and ritual, mixed with very sound education. The mantra of the school was "turning boys into gentlemen". Corporal punishment was ever present and, much as for you, was often the default option. Most punishments were administered with a cane, but sometimes a strap. Bare bottom was not the norm by any means, but it did happen and only by a senior master and in private.
jackcros · 70-79, M
[@1209,Caned4doz] my school was very similar
oneofnine · 61-69, M
My small Catholic private school does not exist any more either. Apart from no cassocks on Sundays and no bare caning it was much the same as yours.
JohnClark · M
did you show your stripes after a caning to others and also did others show you their stripes.My canings left their marks on my bottom for 2 weeks after and sitting was out for several days after, I had to sleep on my stomach.How did you deal with your marks.
westfield · 70-79, M
[@1037027,JohnClark] Yes, plenty of viewing went on, although, as it was such a standard thing for most of us, we tended to be used to the sight, to the extent that it was not, as others have reported, in any sense a 'badge of honour'. Yes, if it had been done effectively, sitting was horrible, but they still made us sit

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