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I Hate My Job

So...I just handed my notice in, on direction from the new people I'm going to be working for. Lets hope that all goes smoothly and they don't change their minds at the last second. Yay anxiety.

Aaanyway...I was so nervous about going in today and telling everyone I was leaving. I work in a small store. We're very short staffed and I'm always put on the shifts nobody wants-everyone else has childcare commitments or very well established shift patterns, so I've been kind of filling the massive gaps in between people's shifts. I hated doing this after a while because I started feeling like I was being used.

I got in, said what I needed to and my manager pretty much lost her s***. She told me that she was going to cry, she didn't want to come in anymore, THEN she started going on about how I was doing everything wrong the week before, when she scheduled herself and someone else to go on annual leave and we were horribly short staffed. Then she decided she "needed" to do something else away from the shop floor and left me with masses of work, like normal.

The rest of the shift, whenever she saw me she would be looking at me reproachfully, like I'd done something awful. She also told everyone in the store in literally half an hour and acted like I was doing a terrible thing to her. So now, half the place won't talk to me and the other half are acting like I'm a bad person. For some reason, the store aren't hiring at the moment, so I was kind of taking on two or three people's workload. As soon as I go they'll be screwed, but it shouldn't be my fault that they're not hiring people. I feel like it is though, because such a massive deal was made out of me leaving. It put me on the defensive, I found myself borderline apologizing and trying to justify my decision, when I didn't need to get emotional or defensive about it at all.

It doesn't really matter, as I'll be gone in a week, but I got a terrible stress headache and I am not looking forward to the rest of the week. Bleh -_-
Go your shift without comment....go home.
It doesn't matter where you work or in what capacity. My experience has been the same as yours every time I have left a job... The first couple of days they treat you like a leper and then the next couple of days 3 or 4 of your co-workers will ask if your new job is hiring more workers as they will now want to leave as well.
If you are a boss or manager reading attention. Because this scenario she has written is a prime example of why your employees leave. They are your biggest asset, treat them accordingly.
Well let me just say, after reading that.
You're too good for them, you can explain yourself well, you have your head on your shoulders, they were effectively abusing your good nature and felt you won't ever say NO to them
They were not appreciating you, they knew they should, as they are aware you're a good employee..but they just used you instead, why?...just to suit themselves and the "mommies"
So you go forth and have a great new career somewhere else, don't even think about these losers..
Muldoon · 56-60, M
You're doing the right thing by getting the new job secured before giving notice to the old job. Your old boss is only thinking of themselves when they rant like that so you shouldn't feel guilty at all. Good luck you seem to have a logical approach.
Starsandfire · 31-35, F
TheMightyAphrodite-thank you ^^ I do my best to make people happy, and sometimes people abuse it. But the important thing is that I got out of that situation and I can try and be a bit more assertive in my new job!
Starsandfire · 31-35, F
Pizza: I think they finally did -_- it's my last day today and I really hope my manager won't beat me with a block of cheese/have a complete nervous breakdown.
Mahjack · 26-30, M
Haha. I think you did everything right. Hope the week passes like a flash, and find your new job satisfying and fun to work at 😎
KingofPizza2 · 36-40, M
Daaaaaaang! Congratulations on finally getting out of there! Looks like they do finally realize how important you were.
marriedplus3 · 31-35, M
I know how you feel I eork retail and absolutely hate it. Im trying hard to find a way out
Starsandfire · 31-35, F
Marriedplus-I hope you manage it. I don't know how people have careers in it -_-
I hope your last day goes as well as it can
Starsandfire · 31-35, F
Mahjack-thank you, I hope so too! : D
Starsandfire · 31-35, F
Muldoon-Thanks : ) She was really making it all about her, but she was a big factor in why I felt like I needed to get out of there asap. I just wasn't being listened to where it mattered. Anyway, onwards and (kind of) upwards, haha
Starsandfire · 31-35, F

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