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Waiting on a check.

After two long years I finally completed a job I started about the time covid hit. Long story, there was a contractor that was ran off, he deserved it, but the job was mostly in limbo for the following year.
It's finally over, I thought there was about $5000 hanging on it. So I got out my notes which I was lucky to still be able to find, waded through the numbers and the details, figured out what had changed, what had been damaged in storage and needed repairs, and made a reasonable guess as to how much extra the job cost me to complete. Turned out my number was a good bit low.
Called the customer with the new balance and she was happy with it. She would be here the following Wednesday with a check. I stayed close to home waiting for the call. Friday rolled around and I called back. She'd be here Monday. Now it's Wednesday again and I called to see what happened. She's supposed to be here Friday morning at 9am. My bank account is getting extremely low and I need to make a supply run Friday, it's a 100 mile round trip. There's things I really need before the weekend. I could scrape up enough cash but I really need to stock up on things while I'm going to offset the cost of gas for the trip. That's the kind of stuff you deal with when you're self employed. Hopefully Friday.......
MarineBob · 56-60, M
it's one thing to justify the costs to yourself but totally insane trying to justify it to the customer

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