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Business and Stability

To first start a business you do not need a good idea, you need to have stability, ability, grit, and wit. Here are a few steps I have gathered.
1. Stabilize - When you leave Highschool you are put onto a freshly cleaned platter that you have prepared, use the years from 14-18 to build an emergency fund, save up, get a job, and prepare for your next 10 moves. Also, stay away from credit cards, car loans, and student loans.
2. Gain Ability - As a younger person I have learned that the two most valuable things are Knowledge and Time, you do not need to be smart to get knowledge, you have the capability to do anything but if you sit there cowering in the corner you will just waste time, and that is what you will never get back
3. Grit - you need to be able to stick to your plans and go through tough times.
4. Wit - Wit is not knowledge Wit is the ability to outclass the person you are trying to compete with or make a deal with, when you have wit you are able to establish dominance and pressure people into taking your deal when it is the best time.

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