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May true Dharma continue

May true Dharma continue
No blame. Be kind. Love everything.

In [i]every[/i] particular is the universal.

Quite often known, seen, recognised.

Thomas Merton met the zen man D T Suzuki only a couple of times but said of him:-

[i]I saw Dr. Suzuki only in two brief visits and I did not feel I ought to waste time exploring abstract, doctrinal explanations of his tradition. But I did feel that I was speaking to someone who, in a tradition completely different from my own, had matured, had become complete and found his way. One cannot understand Buddhism until one meets it in this existential manner, in a person in whom it is alive. Then there is no longer a problem of understanding doctrines which cannot help being a bit exotic for a Westerner, but only a question of appreciating a value which is self-evident. I am sure that no alert and intelligent Westerner ever met Dr. Suzuki without something of the same experience.[/i]

The "word becomes flesh". Those who will only recognise one event, one person, miss the whole point. Blind leaders of the blind.
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@Max312 Dharma simply means Truth. The word does not define it. So, basically, there is nothing to be "untrue".
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@Max312 OK, keep repeating yourself.


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