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51-55, M
But ,oh! That magic feeling,no where to go!
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Merry Christmas
46-50, F
If you ever need to talk...... I’m a good listener 🤗
51-55, FVIP
Happy almost out Thanksgiving
I don't know if you like pizza or not, but you are cordially invited to have one with me... haven't seen you around for a while ..... I hope all is well...
Some tea to keep the spirit warm!
46-50, F
Some sweet summer corn to brighten your day!
Hope you are having a cool summertime
My SW coins have dwindled down to 900... please accept this cheap but well meaning gift from moi :D
Elevenses coffee.
I wish they had a more classy coffee cup.
Because I missed your birthday!
51-55, FVIP
Hope you have a wonderful Easter
Happy V Day Chris .. huggy :)
Life is better with these three.

Enjoy !!!
51-55, FVIP
Happy Valentines
Hope you have a "howling good" new year! Keep playing the music that you do so well. <3 xoxo
51-55, FVIP
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Have a very merry Christmas my good friend! Take care over the holiday season, stay blessed! 😁
A very Merry Christmas to you and yours ! 😊
TY Chris!! and a very merry Christmas to you and yours. xo
Merry Christmas🎄
and a very Happy New Year🍷🎉
I´ve missed you, my friend.

How have you been ?
I hope you have a Happy Holiday season and a Prosperous New Year. Your veranda pal sends his love as well. Hugs, M
51-55, FVIP
Happy Holidays, Booker!
51-55, FVIP
Happy Halloween
Lol. You always know what I need.
Are you brewing?! I don't have any!! Please deliver some.
Aww Thank you for the gift❤
One good gift deserves another😉
Thanks for being you Chris. kitty says purrrr :D
SW User
You are an amazing friend
46-50, F
A yellow ballon.. Memories 💖
Arrrrg!! xx
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