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Massive bird nests

Massive Bird Nests Built on Telephone Poles located in Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa are Home to Multiple Species of Birds
The vast barren landscapes of the southern Kalahari Desert are home to the Sociable Weaver Birds, small birds that create giant communal nests. They typically make their nests in trees, but those of a suitable size grow sparsely in the arid conditions. The weavers have adapted to use the next best thing; recurring telephone poles that cut across their habitat. Year after year they add to their nests, creating burgeoning structures that eventually outgrow their ability to resist gravity.
The birds are called “social” not just because they live in organized colonies, but because they build massive homes out of sticks, grass and cotton that are home to several other kinds birds. The nests are so large, they can accommodate over 100 birds at at time.
Photographer Dillon Marsh has a lovely series of weaver bird nest photographs titled Assimilation.
~ Colossal
~ Dillon Marsh
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I love all birds and never saw anything like that before. Those birds are amazing! Thank you for sharing this!

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