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Have you ever done a dna ancestry test and were surprised by the results?

BlueGreenGrey Best Comment
I wonder if any romantic couples have ever done DNA tests with unfortunate results
"awww hell ... well I reckon we'll always have Paris ... Tennessee, sis ..."

@BlueGreenGrey Hopefully therepy will help too 馃檹
@Blondily thank you for BC :)

1800s. It is funny when you find out something someone never knew, even your parents and grandparents.
@Blondily do my best. 馃榿
@Sojournersoul Good to know incase of an emergency.馃槈
@Blondily 馃槈
Yes. Found out have scottish and irish in me. Lol
@Sojournersoul Must have been from a distant ancestor!
@Blondily It was. I had to go check it all out.
How far back@Sojournersoul?
I was surprised when I found out I had Finnish ancestry. I dont think my parents knew that either or my grandparents because it was always passed down where our ancestors came from.
windinhishair61-69, M
I have, and was not surprised to find myself about 3/4 Scandinavian (mostly Finnish) and 1/4 English and French.
@windinhishair Same for me except the French.
I am descended from river pirates on the Red River that terrorized everyone from Hugo, OK to Paris, TX. They were all shot or hanged.
@TexChik whoa! Thats fascinating!
FreeSpirit151-55, F
I have , apparently my people like to f**k and travel.

I'm a little bit of everything.
@FreeSpirit1 馃き馃槅馃ぃ
Confined56-60, M
All DNA tests owned by the Chinese so they can create better bio weapons.
FreestyleArt31-35, M
@Confined Bingo
JohnRing56-60, M
It really. Mostly surprised at how Irish I am. I'm more Irish than most people in Ireland. Lol
@JohnRing Im 4% Scottish too. Maybe we have a common ancestor馃
JohnRing56-60, M
@Blondily the thing I'm a direct descendant of at least 4 Mayflower passengers yet the 2% left is vague. English, Welsh or any Northern European lol.
@JohnRing sweet!
hippyjoe195561-69, M
My wife's ancestor was a president of the USA. My ancestor was hanged for stealing sheep
@hippyjoe1955 Amazing what you find out from the dna kits!
hippyjoe195561-69, M
@Blondily I have never had a dna test done and never will.
It confirmed what I already knew: Scandinavian and northern Mediterranean
I have mostly Scandinavian ancestry too.
caPnAhab26-30, M

I think I've learned all I care to know through my own family
@caPnAhab So did I thru my mom but I did find out more info doing the test.
Yes. No surprises.
@Colonelmustardseed If you don't mind my asking, where did your ancestors come from?
@Blondily My mom is from the Philippines. I鈥檇 suggested to her that there might be some Spanish ancestry. She said there wasn鈥檛, and she was right. From her side, it鈥檚 all Filipino.
From my dad鈥檚 side, Austria and Poland like he said.
@Colonelmustardseed I think its rare these days for anyone to only have a single ancestral background like your mother. Or in your case only 3. Most people like me are mixed!
Yess, part Hoosier and part Hillbilly.

@Dino11 Ill bet you're fun at get togethers. 馃槅
DownTheStreet51-55, M
It showed me I was my own twin brother
@DownTheStreet Those kits dont lie!
Yes. The part of my mother鈥檚 ancestry we always thought was Native American turned out to be mostly North African. The tests update your percentages periodically and sometimes clarify the ethnicity. So now we know she had some Algerian and Tunisian ancestry.
@bijouxbroussard Which dna site do you feel is the most accurate?
@Blondily For me, the most detailed was 23 & Me, in terms of my SubSaharan African ancestry. It gave me some info that and MyHeritage didn鈥檛., however, found family members who still live in Marseille, and they reached out. My mother actually got to meet some of them before her death.
Sorry about your mother's passing@bijouxbroussard

I have heard 23 & Me is more detailed. Im happy for you that you found more detailed info on your ancestry. It must have been thrilling for you to find out plus meeting relatives.
FreestyleArt31-35, M
Nope. Never did.

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