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51-55, M
Latest Replies to Posts
melissa001: Does anyone know...
You're welcome
2 mths ago
melissa001: Does anyone know...
Laws vary from between states and towns but in gen...
2 mths ago
Wraithorn: On a hot Valentine night, would you offer your thr...
That will album is incredible.
4 mths ago
Naida: How did everyone come out??
She did. Lol although she was not interested in my...
4 mths ago
Naida: How did everyone come out??
I told my wife I was bi when we were dating
4 mths ago
LucyBall: Are you a lusty or lovey kind of person?
Lusty more than lovey. It takes the right person f...
4 mths ago
lamps: Should I come out?
Ok here's my opinion. I am bisexual. I hid it...
4 mths ago
SilentShadowx01: Are you out to your friends and family if you...
I'm out to a few people but not everyone. My ...
4 mths ago
Itwontlast: Why am I so afraid and ASHAMED to embrace who I am...
Who are you? What party of you are you afraid to e...
4 mths ago
Nimbus: Should President Trump declare a National Emergenc...
Although it would expedite the issue it would set ...
5 mths ago
JazzyJosslyn: On a scale of 1 to 10, how gay are you?
Being bisexual I'd say 4-5
5 mths ago
KeepYourEyesPeeled: Should history be taught more or less in schools?
Whose history? Real history or the politically cor...
5 mths ago
mermaidmasquerade: How do I find a female to experience with?
Join a site like
5 mths ago
CapNCrunch: What are your opinions on the different sexualitie...
Two genders many different sexual orientations
6 mths ago
Mariocrespo8546: Who is better singer Selena Gomez or Janis Joplin?
Janis, every day and twice on Sunday
7 mths ago
TheOddOne345: This question is only for the LGBTQ+ community. Ho...
@Morrigan are your children bi?
9 mths ago
IAmMaster: any sjw here?
I thought you were looking for single Jewish women...
10 mths ago
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