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I'm just a grown woman who is still not able to sleep in my own room after my grandma passed bec she died in there.

i don't usually believe in the paranormal but damn, it feels so heavy when im there during the night. 馃樁
Zeusdelight61-69, M
My Grandma who was 60 years old when her Mother died only went into her Mother's bedroom to clean and dust.

Nothing was moved and no-one else entered that room, even after my Grandma died.

Whether it is respect, reverence or something else. it esteems the person who once was in that room.

I see no issue with it.
It sounds pretty normal to have difficulty to sleep where someone has passed away.
@Classified im a scaredy cat. i get goosebumps whenever im there alone 馃ス馃樁
@neurodivirgin If you wish I could pray. For the chance that something is happening there after all, then prayer might help after all too. 馃槉
Sounds like a perfectly reasonable reaction to me.
I think that's reasonable
why do u have to be the one to sleep there?
@deathfairy because thats my room. 馃珷

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