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A Ghastly Ghost

In the depths of night, where shadows dance,
A haunting figure, in ethereal stance.
A specter roams, devoid of breath,
A soul untethered, bound by death.

A ghostly wisp, a whispering sigh,
With pallid visage, a mournful cry.
Forever caught between realms unseen,
A phantom lost, in worlds between.

Through moonlit halls and silent rooms,
The spirit wanders, amid spectral gloom.
Echoes of past, etched in its gaze,
Haunted memories in a ghostly haze.

In moonlit gardens, where roses weep,
The ghost walks softly, its secrets keep.
Unseen by mortals, yet felt in the air,
A presence lingering, a soul laid bare.

It yearns for solace, release from its plight,
To transcend the darkness, embrace the light.
But trapped it remains, by fate's cruel decree,
A wandering soul, longing to be free.

With every midnight breeze, a mournful moan,
The ghost laments the life it's known.
Yet amidst the sorrow, a beauty resides,
A mystic grace that in death abides.

For in its essence, there's a tale untold,
Of love and loss, of stories unfold.
A spirit's journey, forever intertwined,
A fragile whisper, in the depths of the mind.

So, when the night is hushed and still,
Listen closely, and you may fulfill,
The ghost's lament, a heartfelt plea,
To remember the forgotten, set spirits free.

For in the realm of the unseen and the lost,
A ghost's essence transcends the cost.
A reminder of life's transient breath,
And the mysteries that lie beyond our death.
Silentpleasure · 31-35, F
Thats really awesome.....thank you for sharing!
Wasn’t me 👻
alan20 · M
That's very well expressed and written. Is it your own? Have you read Edgar Allen Poe?
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
Just wait till one wakes you up and asks where his horses are
Renkon · 36-40, M
How long have you been writing poems?

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