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A conflict within. [I Believe In Destiny]

I know this is gonna sound silly but these past few nights I've been having nightmares about my estranged ex-father. He walked out on me and my mom when I was 7 but recently, in my nightmares; he keeps telling me that I'm destined to become him and follow his lazy slob lifestyle. I try to run in the nightmares but he keeps chasing me.

When I wake up, I look in the mirror and see him, because with my ratty beard, I look just like him so I shaved it off..

But I just gotta ask. Is it possible to be destined to become your father? Because I always thought our destinies was our own.
SW-User Best Comment
sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy to me. you know, when your belief in something is so strong you subconsciously manifest it through your actions? if you don't want to end up like your father, just be mindful of the decisions you need to make to avoid ending up like him. that's your choice.
RavenclawGamer · 26-30, M
@SW-User I did start this today to be honest by starting jogging and removing my ratty beard and tossing any clothes that reminds me of what he used to wear so at least my appearance is somewhat changed.

Thank you for your point of mindful decisions. I really appreciate it. :-)
@RavenclawGamer no problem. and i'll add that any one setback isn't indicative of failure or some unchangeable fate. it's just life. as long as you're trying to make good decisions most of the time, things will tend to fall into place. be good to yourself and good luck.

revenant · F
tI this your subconscious is trying to tell you or warn you.
You were little then and you absorbed some of your father's traits or behaviours which is understandable at that age.
RavenclawGamer · 26-30, M
@revenant Hopefully overtime I can discard those traits once and for all if I turn life around :-)
Dancingxghost · 36-40, M
That's your own fear of becoming like him. It ain't destiny or something else.
RavenclawGamer · 26-30, M
@Dancingxghost I know I'm definitely fearing it. But I've always been a big believer in destiny I always thought we were meant to follow someone to achieve our destiny
Dancingxghost · 36-40, M
@RavenclawGamer well that's an odd statement..why would you need to follow someone else steps to achieve YOUR destiny? if it's your destiny then your path is predetermined which would mean even before you were your dad's son..the path was already there. So you wouldn't following his steps but the same route he took and you can change routes.
amycandy · 22-25, T
only if you want to,i mkae a point of noth doing stuff my dad did
You don't have to be like your father, you didn't like him being lazy did you. Could be your subconscious mind telling you that your getting lazy and need to get busy doing more

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