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Why are cults so obsessed with cleaning?

Kind of a good summary but basically the more tasks, the less you have time to think. In any high control environment, you need to keep people busy. You do not want your membership thinking deep thoughts so there's usually purity requirements, reading censorship etc. it helps to make people think they're not good enough, they're still striving and cleaning is a great one because it's never clean "enough.,"

Pointless tasks are also a way of psychologically breaking you down 馃憞 so that they can put you through retraining.

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The irony being, shes speaking while shes knitting 馃槀.
I find theres something very zen about doing mindless work: it engages the conscious part of your mind and lets your subconscious float to the surface.

There are many who think better when their hands are its why we have fidgets.

I wonder if this 'busy' mentality sorts some from others. Some fall into it, others rise above it .馃し
@SatanBurger yeah, i noticed she said that.
It might even be why she now knits, (or does something with her hands). It keeps her thoughts focused.

Its very hard to undo mental conditioning馃
SatanBurger36-40, F
@OogieBoogie Agreed, very hard, you probably have to constantly check yourself and that can be exhausting. If you notice in some of her videos, she aggressively knits lmfao. I didn't know there was such thing as aggressive knitting before but that's it haha. I think it's because of her past and it's a touchy subject so it kind of shows when she's knitting lol.
@SatanBurger oh yeah seems a self soothing thing for her to help her keep control.

When i did therapy i used to tear up tissues and make tissue flowers out of them while i spoke.

I was never really conscious of what i was doing, it just somehow helped the words come out.馃し

If i can't doodle or do something with my hands when im stressed and trying to express myself ...its like i either shut down from the pressure, or explode from it . Keeping hands busy sorta regulates it馃様

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