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Three Strongest Worldly Bonds

The three strongest worldly bonds (Eshanaatrayam) are the bonds with money, spouse and children. This concept is introduced by sages in the scriptures because in every house, only these three exist as the essence of worldly life. If the bond with God defeats these three bonds, the bond with God will be proved as strongest and full salvation (liberation) from all worldly bonds is attained. Since the sages mentioned the bond with spouse in this triad, they went to embrace God Raama by becoming females through their supernatural power. Raama asked them to be born as real females in the next birth so that all the three strongest worldly bonds will be tested. In the next birth, sages were born as Gopikas and God incarnated as Krishna.

The bond with wealth and the bond with children are always joined together since parents give all their wealth to their children only. Krishna stole the butter (wealth) stored for their children so that the joint test (money and children) is conducted for ten years (5th to 15th year). Even though the Gopikas know that Krishna was God (Sage Naarada mentions this in His Bhakti Sutram), almost all the Gopikas complained to Yashoda failing in the joint test. Even sage Vyaasa failed in this test, who ran after His son Shuka on leaving the house and this is mentioned by Him in the beginning of the Bhaagavatam. Krishna conducted the test with spouse by dancing with the Gopikas (Raasakeli) for two years (16th to 18th year) and every Gopika passed in this test.

Only 12 Gopikas passed both the tests and went to Goloka. The most laughable point is that king Parikshit questioned Sage Shuka about the test with spouse and in this test, all the Gopikas passed! He did not question the about stealing of butter (joint test) of Krishna in which almost all the Gopikas failed! Generally, people criticise the test in which most candidates failed and appreciate the test in which the majority get through. The soul always tries to blame God rubbing defects on Him and tries to protect self-defects! If the sages have any objection for the test of the bond with spouse, they should not have mentioned it in the triad in their scriptures.

They were convinced about this triad, pestered God for testing this triad and did not go back even when Krishna threatened them about the horrible hell for dancing with Him. Why should others have stomach pain for Krishna testing the triad in the case of the sages born as Gopikas? God is omniscient and omnipotent and we misunderstand Him when He says to vote for Him even against justice if necessary (Sarvadharmān… Gita). If you do very sharp and deep analysis, you will understand that such appearing justice is actually injustice against which we have to vote, so that you will always understand God as the supporter of justice only!

Sage Atri along with other sages thought “The Veda says that one Brahman only creates, maintains and destroys this entire world. But, we are clearly seeing separately God Brahma creating, God Vishnu maintaining and God Shiva destroying the world”. With this doubt, he did serious penance on the Ruksha mountain for Brahman. The three deities (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) appeared by saying that they three together constitute Brahman. Atri denied these three since Brahman is one only and since then he was called Atri (A = no, tri = three deities).

Then, God Datta appeared with three faces of creator, maintainer and destroyer of this world (faces of Hiranyagarbha or Brahma, Narayana or Vishnu and Ishwara or Shiva). Since the Vedic definition of Brahman is completely applied in this seen form, Atri cried saying “Dattah Dattah” (Brahman is attained or given). Thus, the first energetic incarnation is called God Datta. Later on, the wife of Atri requested God Datta to be born to her as human incarnation and thus, born human incarnation is called Dattaatreya (given to Atri as son). Datta Jayanti means the birthday of God Dattaatreya, which is the full moon day of Maargashira month.

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