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I Am a Smart Blonde

I am smart and no one seems to take me seriously. I'm an English Education major, looking into Master's programs in Dyslexic Studies and Learning Disabilities or just general Special Education. I want to help underprivileged kids be able to learn. My ultimate goal is to get a Ph.D. in Special Education. I also want to write a bill to present in Washington, D.C. that would require schools to screen children K-5th grade for learning disabilities. I don't want any child to feel stupid.

I may not be some genius, but I'm blonde, passionate, and have a learning disability and feel pretty dang good about college right now.

This is my passion in life and I feel like I can make a difference.
Get a degree in something you can sell. The feel good stuff won't support you.
MidnightLaughter · 26-30, F
Actually, with my degree I will be a VERY marketable teacher. I am also minoring in Teaching English as a Second Language. Basically, I will never be unemployed. I will also be able to do tutoring from home and can make money that way. Some of us don't really care about being wealthy and having all the luxuries of the world. I would rather enjoy my career and need to watch my budget than be miserable and wealthy. Also, because it's in English, if I wanted to I could eventually go to law school. Believe it or not, I could even go to Med school, they LOVE English majors because we are taught reasoning. I could work as a decoder for the CIA and FBI. I have a lot of options. I just know this is what I want to do.

One more little rant. It is this belief that is causing a shortage in English teachers which reduces the literacy rates here in the US and causes problems with the economy. So I will be contributing to the intelligence level by helping these students who are often forgot about having successful future.

Thank you very much, but this is what I want to do and NO ONE, especially some random older man, can tell me differently.
I wish you all the best with your endeavor. I married a English major, she went on to be banker until retirement.

One of my daughters works for one of the agency's you put in your response, but she was a language major and speaks several languages.

It wasn't my intent to disparage you. I think it's great that someone your age has a plan. Stick with it, the best of luck.

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