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I Think We Create Too Many Rules Around Sexuality

Especially for women!! the amount of judgement and side eyes i see when women own their sexuality is unbelievable. it sucks when you feel that internalized shame of owning up to your sexuality as a woman yourself bc you’ve been taught to suppress it and hide it :(( people shouldn’t have to feel like that. sometimes a girl wants to get complimented and be free to do as she pleases without being scared of judgement. as long as there is consent and everyone is safe and willing then what happens between people shouldn’t be looked down upon. maybe part of owning ur sexuality is doing it despite the judgement you may get. either way it sucks that it happens and i hope to one day get rid of this internalized shame
This is certainly true in certain backward parts of the world. But I find it incredulous that it exists in free and open societies sometimes too. Most of what I have seen involves double standards. Like for instance people that hate gay people but will watch lesbian porn. But you do you. Even if you have to move somewhere more accepting🤗
newdawnnewday · 22-25, F
@canusernamebemyusername soooo many double standards it’s crazy
Yes...the worst part is women of an old guard mentality strengthening the stronghold of patriarchy even more fiercely than the most chauvinistic males. 😑
newdawnnewday · 22-25, F
@AnonymouslyYours i feel that. a lot of women in my finally are restrictive but i see that comes through from years of being told the same thing and being repressed. the men in my family are just as bad but they don’t confront u as much as the women do.
BalmyNites · F
Hold your head high & don’t let anyone judge you ♥️
newdawnnewday · 22-25, F
@BalmyNites thank you ❤️
ChampagneOnIce · 51-55, F
You’re wise to understand that at your age. Good for you!

Live your life well for you, and try not to care what others think. As long as you’re not a danger to yourself or others, and there’s consent, as you said, it’s nobody else’s business.
newgirl · 56-60, F
Agreed. I hate those judgy people. They need to just shut up and worry about their own lives.
I hope you do too. One day you'll do just that.
openwater · 46-50, M
Looking for someone to be open and accepted with myself.

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Too Many Rules Around Sexuality
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