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Fun times part 2

The others watched him for a moment or too then followed suit. They all had quite nice cocks, no monsters but all firm and obviously aroused! Chris and Steve actually took their trousers off completely and raised their shirts as they lay back on the couch naked from the waist down. Then it was my turn. I started to undo my pants seated but Dave said no I had to show the guys what I was wearing. I was a little embarrassed but also very turned on by all the naked cocks, so I stood and lowered my jeans to show the satin thong encasing my hard cock.

The guys made appreciative comments and I also noticed that it seemed to charge the room with a sexual tension. My cock was leaking into the satin making a huge wet spot in the tented thong. Chris invited me to sit between him and Steve on the couch. I sat back, conscious of brushing naked thighs on either side as I sat between the two semi naked guys, their cocks were both leaking a little pre cum as we squashed together. All pretence of watching the porn had stopped as we looked at each others cocks and stoked ourselves. I had pushed the thong down a little to free my cock and balls and was unashamedly staring at Steve as he leaked a lot of precum and worked his cock. Dave had gotten up and now stood in front of us, also watching and stroking as Steve grunted and suddenly shot his load of cum onto his stomach. The sight of his cock oozing cum and the cum smell was so erotic.

Chris had turned towards me to watch and his cock was now slightly touching my thigh and the thong, I could feel his balls pushing against the side of my leg and his cock kept making contact with the top of my thigh as he wanked himself off. I found myself starting to increase the contact turning my hip slightly so his cockhead was brushing me more frequently. This really seemed to excite him and he also gasped and hot cum shot from his cock, only now because of the angle it shot across my cock and legs!! I was slightly shocked a man had just cum on me! I looked down at the cum on my hand on my cock on my thighs and belly, without thinking I did what I had fantasies about and used his cum as a lubricant to stroke myself the spunk making obscene squelching sounds as I bathed my straining cock in it. Then I shuddered as i had a massive orgasm. My cum spattered down on my belly mixing with Chris's creamy load then Dave stepped forward and shot his spunk over my legs and panties making that now two men who had spilled their semen on me as I were a sex toy! Chris laughed and said sorry that he had cum on me but I told him it was fine ( and it really was!) Dave made a joke saying it was a good job you didn't have to eat what landed on you and there were laughs all round and Steve said maybe that should be a new rule. Chris said in that case I had better taste a bit to see if I liked it, and with that he scooped a little of his cum onto his finger and before I could move he wiped it across my lips! Everyone laughed again and I felt myself blushing

Dave and Steve got up and went through to the bathroom to clean up, but Chris didn't move from the couch. I could feel the sticky cum sitting on my lips and almost involuntarily I licked my lips. For the first time I tasted another mans cum. The others hadn't seen but Chris was staring at me and I saw his cock twitch. I licked my lips again more fully to get all the cum taste into my mouth. It was so erotic the salty thick feel of it. Chris smiled at me knowingly and scooped more cum from my thigh. This time he held his two fingers with the cum in front of my mouth, without hesitation I lent forward and sucked his fingers to taste all of the offering of cooling spunk. I sucked slowly my tongue working to ensure I had captured all of it. Chris withdrew his fingers and stared down at his lap. I saw that his cock was now as hard as before, his cock head was still shiny with his emissions and there was cum in his piss slit. Still staring at him I reached out a finger and wiped it across his cock head, drawing the bead of cum with the pad of my finger then bringing it to my mouth where I licked it off the tip. Chris's cock jerked and swelled but before anything else could happen, the moment was broken by Dave calling to ask for a towel!!

Chris stood, quickly cramming his hard cock back into the confines of his boxers and jeans. My own cock was pretty aroused as well and I had to shuffle through to the bathroom with cum running down my thigh. Dave made a joke about how much the cum had turned me on and swatted my bare ass a couple of times, the second time leaving his hand to cup my ass cheek and caress it slightly. I blushed some more but as my bum cheek tingled with the slap, I was feeling even more aroused. Fortunately I was last to clean up and was able to cover myself .

Everyone left but we agreed to doing it again the next week. Dave suggested again that I shave myself completely so that " all that cum" wouldn't make such a mess!

The following week Dave arrived early with Steve. He again demanded to know if I was in panties and demanded to see, following me into the bedroom. I dropped my jeans to show him the black lacy panties I had chosen and he asked me to show him if I was all shaved like he had told? me to! I pulled them down to reveal my now smooth cock and balls. Dave smiled and ran his hands over my pubis and lightly stroked my cock, then turned me round and told me to bend over. It never occurred to me to refuse, I just felt like I should obey him. Dave parted my bum cheeks to run a finger down my asshole. I had shaved there as well and also my legs so I was completely smooth. He did it again, this time his finger gently teased my sphincter, I gasped slightly at this but didn't move. Again he smacked my bum and then stroked my bum cheek in a familiar way, I felt myself responding, my cock growing and my ass pushing back into the caress. He grinned but told me that Steve was waiting in the other room so I should go see to my guests. I started to grab for my pants but Dave said no, you are ready now!

Walking back through Steve stared at me, taking in my shaved semi erect cock in the see through black panties he gave a knowing smile, then Chris arrived so now I stood before all three of them in this state. Dave walked up and cupped my bum saying doesn't he have the cutest girly ass? Both the guys agreed. Chris then said he had a surprise and brought out black sheer stockings and a suspender belt that he said he had got from his wifes drawer. Much hilarity and laughter but an insistence that I put it all on whilst they put the porn on.

I Went through to the bedroom and slipped into the sexy outfit. The feel of the silk stockings was a huge turn on. I am a fairly slim build and standing their looking in the mirror wearing lacy panties, stockings and a suspender belt I could almost have passed for a girl.

I returned to the living room to a chorus of wolf whistles. The guys had all completely stripped and were sporting semi erect or erect cocks. The porn this time was showing lady boys in a hotel room dressed as school girls and sucking an older guys cock.

Chris and Steve had made space for me between them. We watched the porn and soon everyone was rubbing their cocks. Dave asked if it bothered us that it was lady boys, everyone said they thought it was sexy and the fact they had a dick didn't matter. Steve said look at John here, he' s pretty hot and with that he ran his hand up my stocking clad leg rubbing the inside of my bare thigh near my cock saying his thighs feel as soft as a girls!

He then laughed and said that since I was now so feminine I should get on with my chores. I guess I knew where this was going but to play my part I asked in a girly voice what chores did he mean. Playing to the other guys, he took my hand and placed it on his hard hot cock! There are cocks to be milked he said and it's the girls job to milk them all! I looked at the faces of the guys, they were staring at my hand holding Steve's cock, waiting to see what I would do, so I slowly wanked him up and down much to his obvious pleasure. He grinned and leant back pushing his groin up as I pulled his foreskin fully back on each down stroke of my hand, Chris grabbed my other hand and I felt it touch his hard throbbing member. I leant back and slowly masturbated both the guys. Each one had a hand on my stocking clad thighs rubbing the soft flesh of my inner leg but not touching my straining penis trapped in its lace prison. Dave stepped forward to stand between my legs, all three guys were staring at me as I masturbated two stiff cocks. Steve was the first to cum again. He started to tense up and groan as I gently increased the tempo of wanking him off. Then he gave a final moan and his cock erupted, shooting a stream of cum over my hand and his belly. I slowed my hand but still rubbed it slowly on his softening penis, letting his orgasm finish. Suddenly Chris started to make pre orgasm noises as well, he arched his back and shot a rope of cum across his belly, his cock twitching as it pumped out his creamy seed. Dave had been wanking furiously as this happened and he also shot his spunk but this time it was all aimed at my body, his cum shot high on my chest and then spattered onto my panties and thighs as he stood red faced from his efforts. Dave gasped and stepped back, saying damn that was hot, look at all that spunk I shot on you! I think you should eat it! Steve and Chris agreed and Steve this time scooped up Dave's cum and held it to my mouth. I started to protest but Dave said hey it's just part of the fun, no ones judging you. I looked at the guys but they all seemed keen for me to do it, so I opened my mouth and licked the cum off Steves waiting fingers. He repeated this three more times, each time scooping as much sticky jizz from Dave's emissions and holding it for me to lick and suck from his fingers. Dave said, god damn he likes the taste doesn't he and Steve laughed, then he got up to head for the bathroom with Dave.

Like last time, Chris didn't move. Instead he smiled and said well it didn't land on you but I still think you should clean it up!! I knew what he wanted. I turned and put my face into his lap, opening my eager mouth and started lick the cum from his stomach. I was still rock hard as I hadn't cum yet, and I thought my cock would explode. The taste of his thick salty cum was amazing and I greedily licked down until I was literally licking around his twitching cock!. I could feel Chris holding his breath but again the noise of the other two guys broke the moment as we heard them returning. Chris got up and headed for the bathroom....

Dave said he had to go and Steve said yeah me too. I got up and saw them to the door, still clad only in my panties and stockings with Davies spunk coating my thighs. Dave gave me a knowing look and said hope you enjoyed that! I smiled and said yes it was a lot to swallow and licked my lips!

I returned to the couch and sat on the edge of the cushion still in my stockings absently reliving the last ten minutes and touching the cum on my stomach. At that moment, Chris came back from the bathroom.

He was fully naked and his cock was engorged, jutting out from his body in a curve. Have they gone? he said as he wanked his rock hard cock I think you need to pay the price for getting me all worked up again! He walked up to me, holding his throbbing penis and pushing it down so it pointed at me. I moved to sit up, my ass on the edge of the couch this put my face directly in from of Chis's rigid seven inches. He smiled down at me and leant in so his cock head brushed my lips. I guess you can milk a cock without your hands he said. I knew it was going to happen and I was so ready, the smell of his aroused cock was overwhelming my pitiful inhibitions. I gently kissed the tip of his cock marvelling at the almost velvety feel of the skin, I opened my mouth and licked slowly round the crown of this beautiful solid shaft, savouring the slight salty taste as a little pre cum oozed from his slit. His cock swelled as my lips and tongue gently nibbled and suckled the crown of his cock as I licked and teased him.

Chris pushed his cock further into my mouth, my lips forming a soft caressing seal around his fleshy head and thick shaft. My tongue continued to lap at the underside of the crown and glans. I started bob my head back and forth to wank his cock with my depraved and hungry lips. Chris reached out and grasped my head his lust making him jerk his hips like he was fucking a cunt but it was my mouth he was fucking with deeper and deeper strokes.I opened my mouth wide to envelop his pre cum coated cock, sucking him as deep as I could, my nose buried into his pubes as I took all of his length into my mouth until I was literally deep throating him!

Without any warning he gasped as I sucked him and shot stream after stream of his cum to fill my mouth, my lips locked round his spurting penis and I swallowed and swallowed until the flood subsided. I revelled in the taste of hot cum drowning my senses, dripping from my lips as his orgasm slowed, his cock twitching as it spurted the last of his ejeculate into my willing eager dirty cum slut mouth. Chris slowly pulled back to let his cock fall from my suction with a soft wet pop, a string of cum still joined my lips to his slit as he let his fingers wank the last drops of cum, offering his cock head to be cleaned by my tongue. I gently sucked the last few drops, savouring the moment as I cleaned him up feeling totally content to have pleasured him in this way.

Chris rubbed my head gently, wow he said, that was some blow job, you really are a cum slut like Dave said! I was still taking this in when I heard my doorbell go. Slipping on a bathrobe I opened my door to find Dave standing there.

See Chris is still here, he said stepping inside. Chris was standing there still naked, hey Dave you come back for seconds too huh? You were right about him he just gave me the most awesome cock suck and swallowed my spunk like a real girlfriend. Dave laughed, well I thought it might take a couple more weeks to get him there but I knew he was a cock sucker for sure.

I should have been offended by there conversation but I realised they had me, I was a cocksucker for sure and to be honest I loved it! Dave pushed the robe off me so I stood once again naked except for my lingerie. He smiled and then unbuttoned his jeans and dropped his jockies, then sat back in my armchair with his cock and balls dangling between his legs come on cumslut get down on your knees and show me how well you suck cock. I just obeyed him. Sinking to my knees between his legs I started to work on his semi erect member, licking, kissing, stroking as his cock grew and hardened. I licked his shaft and then wanked him as I bent to lick and suck his smooth balls then raised them slightly to lick down underneath right up to his asshole. I was drunk with lust and desire, drunk with cum, my lips felt swollen from the sucking I had given to Chris's cock but I craved another hot cocks worth of cum to swallow.

Dave raised his ass so I could more easily reach his puckered hole. Fuck, said Dave my wife won't even do that, oh yes lick my asshole you dirty fucking whore, his words just made me more wanton as I rimmed and licked his bum hole, relishing the depraved fantasy I was finally getting to experience. I switched my attention back to his throbbing cock, sucking him into my eager mouth rubbing and massaging his balls and then slowly inserting a finger into his asshole. Davies cock was now freely dripping precum, I felt his cheeks and sphincter clench and then he shot his spunk into my waiting mouth his cock twitching and jerking as he filled it with his hot slimy cum. Dave fell back in the chair as I took my mouth of his cock head, my mouth coated in his spunk. Chris had moved up and was frantically wanking himself once again is hand working on his hard member, he stepped right next to my face as I turned to look and again his cock entered my mouth so he could fill it with a final load . I opened my mouth wide to catch the last drops and he pushed his cock into its warm wet embrace, slowly wanking himself as his third orgasm subsided. He held his cock there for several more seconds then pulled it out and stepped away. Dave stood, looking down at me as I sat back, traces of his cum and Chris's on my face and body. He lifted his cock to my lips and told me to clean him. I was his cum slut.

A few minutes later, they both got dressed and left telling me to be ready next week as Steve would also want his cock emptied, and that would be my weekly job now sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum.
samanthaX · 41-45, T
So you're now a cock sucking cum slut, I love a mouthful of cum fresh from a hard cock ❤️❤️❤️
Annasys · 36-40, T
I'll take off my pants and become cancer. for gorgeous cocks in my ass
samanthaX · 41-45, T
I will do all of that and more honey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ samantha

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