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Fun times part 1

I recently met up with an old school friend who had moved back into the neighbourhood after being away for years. We had been about 16 when we first met. We got back together though FB. Dave and I used to roam the local area and one day we found our first porno mag in the trash bin in a parking lot. We had taken it up to the woods and gazed in awe at the naked women on the glossy pages. Both of us had surreptitiously adjusted our stiff cocks pretending not to notice the others predicament. Eventually Dave has asked me if I ever masturbated. I shyly admitted that yes I did and immediately asked him the same. He more openly admitted he did and said he wanted to do it now. Relaxed by his attitude I admitted my cock was aching. Dave said no more but released his cock and started to rub it! I was mesmerised by the sight of his stiff cock and purple blood suffused cock head as he stroked himself. He knew I was watching but it seemed to excite him, He told me to take mine out and do it as well. I needed no more encouragement but released my own hard member and slowly stroked as I looked at him whilst still pretending to look at the almost forgotten magazine. After a minute or so he arched slightly and spurted his cum out in 3 big jets onto the picture. That was enough for me and I shot my cum as well, more turned on by the sight of his erupting cock than my first porn mag.

We carried on doing that together for a few weeks, he was always keen to start it and really seemed to like me watching. Before anything else could happen though, he moved away with his family and that was the last I saw of him for years.

Now at nearly 40 here we were, back together and chatting like….well, old friends. We drank quite a lot and ended up back at my house, I am single so have my own place. Dave had just started to reminisce about our masturbating. It was a little embarrassing but he made it seem ok. He then asked me if I had any good porn, complaining his wife never let him see any. I said sure and before I knew it, we were back to looking at porn together. Dave started adjusting his cock and sort of glancing at me. He asked if I was turned on and I admitted I was, then he said hey its not like we haven’t done this before, did I mind if he jacked off?

I was really turned on. I have never done anything like this with a guy since those far off days, but it was exciting! The only thing was I was wearing some womens panties (it turns me on) and hadn’t anticipated the situation with Dave. Before I could say anything Dave had freed his cock and was stroking it as he looked at me! It was bigger than I remembered nicely shaped and easily 7 inches, thinking I could slip my cock out without him seeing anything, I too unzipped and dragged my erect 6 inch cock out into the fresh air! Dave must have been really staring, as he immediately pounced on the question! Hey! Was that lace? I admitted it was and he demanded I show him. My cock was throbbing with the excitement of being caught like this. Daves cock was similarly fully hard, he was wanking it slowly as I stood and lowered my jeans to reveal the red lace panties I was wearing.

Dave wanted to know if I was a TV, I said no but just liked the feel of the lace and it turned me on. He then said let me see you in just the panties, I was really turned on by the thought of this and quickly stripped so that I was standing in front of him in red lacy girls knickers, my cock sticking out of the side leg. He sat there looking at me his breathing coming fast as he wanked his cock and then he shot a stream of cum onto my floor his cock jerking in his hand as it erupted, just like all those years ago! I I watched mesmerised as he let his cock drip cum onto my wooden flooring. Dave looked at me and said, clean that up, use the panties. Again I didn't argue but removed the panties freeing my raging hard on and bent naked in front of him to wipe up his cum. He grunted to himself as he watched me scoop up his spunk in the lace, he reached out and swatted my naked bum cheek making me jump! Sorry, he said can't resist, you have a real girly ass. Instead of telling him off I sort of laughed and rubbed the cheek he had smacked. He watched me as I continued to kneel my butt on show, as I cleaned his cum up. I could feel it on my fingers sticky and slimy and incredibly sexy. I wanted to taste it, to feel it on my tongue and lips I don't know where these feelings were coming from but I felt wanton and dirty in a way I never had with a woman, I felt exposed but turned on at the same time.

Dave left soon after but said he sometimes got together with some friends who were also married and a little starved by their wives. They had a few beers and watched porn and jerked off. Since I was cool with that, did I want to meet them and would I mind if they used my place as I was single? I agreed and said we would do it next week. After he left I retrieved the panties still damp and slimy from his cum. I wrapped them around my cock and wanked myself off until I came spurt after spurt of cum onto my stomach.

Dave was first to arrive the following week. I met him at the door and he asked if I was wearing my “sexy panties” again? I said no as I was a bit embarrassed to meet his friends dressed like that. Dave said it would be a turn on for the guys and insisted I go put some on. I should have guessed where this was going at that point. In fact maybe I did, but it was making me very excited! Dave actually came into my bedroom with me and demanded to see what I had. He then chose a pair of white satin panties that were basically a thong. He stood and watched as I stripped out of my jeans and jockies and slipped the thong over my semi erect cock. He then told me to slowly turn so he could asses how they looked, and after staring at my bulge and ass he commented on my pubes saying I would look better if I shaved. He run his hand over my ass cheeks then he grunted that it was fine and that the guys would approve!

His friends arrived together and I met Steve and Chris, they were both about 40 Steve was a little stocky and Chris also carried a couple of extra pounds. We chatted and had a couple of beers and then I switched on my large screen TV and put on some porn that Dave had brought. It was fairly normal stuff but a lot of blowjob action and anal. Dave lowered the lights and invited us to sit back and enjoy. The others seemed very much at ease. Pretty soon hands were rubbing themselves over hardening cocks and it didn’t surprise me to see Dave release his big hard cock, this time though he pushed his jeans and boxers down so I could see his whole lovely firm member and shaved balls.
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