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A visit to the sex shop

This morning my Master took me into town to "get a new pair of sexy heels" He's seen at a local sex shop and a few other things too. This sex shop is one of those full service places that has lingerie, heels, DVD's, toys and a few viewing booths with glory holes and a small and dark open theater with a few chairs in the back. i had been there before with Master as He likes to put me on display. As always i was dressed androgynously with tight pink skinny jeans and a crop top t-shirt, caged and plugged underneath as i always must be when in public with Master, upon entering the shop Master asked the owner if we could try on some heels, the owner knows us and of course said yes and guided me to a dressing room that has only a curtain, He brought over several pairs of heels in a couple of different sizes and a pair of fairly sexy stay up stockings as stockings are a must with sexy heels. Master told me to get undressed completely and put on the stockings, then the owner opened the curtain, smiling and handed me a pair of sexy and shiny black stiletto pumps with about a 6" heel and locking ankle straps, He offered to help me put them on and looking at Master for approval, He nodded and the Man proceeded to put them on my feet, giving my smooth legs a nice feel as He properly adjusted the ankle straps and the stockings and He gave my bum a nice squeeze too and tapped on my tiny nub cage.
i again looked at Master and He ushered me out of the dressing room and told me to mince down the hall where the viewing booths are wearing only the stockings and the heels, my cage and plug, as the heels clacked on the cement floor, a couple of booth doors opened up and one of the Men was stroking a very hard 6-7" cock, looking back at Master He signaled me to twirl in front of the Man and then to get on my knees and suck Him, i crawled forward as the Man backed into the booth and as He attempted to close the door, Master was standing there watching me suck this Man's cock and kept the door open, "good sissy faggot, suck that cock, slut" from my Master as he reached down to squeeze my newly enlarged nipples and then produced a bottle of poppers and stuck them under my nose and told me to inhale deeply several times, poppers turn me into a totally mindless slut who only wants cock and doesn't care who sees me or what's going on around, totally focused on pleasing the Man's hard cock as Master humiliates me verbally which He knows turns me on even more. my legs began to spread naturally from the poppers fogging my brain and Master pushed and pulled my plug in and out of my cunt, making me feel like i was being spitroasted as i moaned and sucked even harder and deeper, i could tell the Man was going to cum soon as His balls pulled up tight and He began to fuck my mouth and throat, He finally pulled it out of my mouth with a loud Pop! and jerked it a few strokes before cumming all over my face and into my open mouth, "gobble up that cum you fucking faggot" from the Man as He wiped it into my mouth with His cock, as i began to stand, Master stopped me and wiped a bit more cum into my mouth with His finger, "good gurl, good cocksucker, lick it clean", He helped me stand all the way up and began to lead me towards the theater in the back...
nativespirit · 61-69, M
Sounds like a fantastic time
spjennifer · 56-60, T
@nativespirit It was, there's more to the session, lasted another couple of hours, will write more later!
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samanthaX · 41-45, T
You are so lucky to have such a caring master xxx
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