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I Am A Sissy Husband

Now that the coronavirus curfew means we get no visitors, my wife has decided that I must spend all my day time wearing whatever she tells me. Some of my days have been spent completely naked, but usually I am allowed some covering. This has varied from being a baby girl with nappy, bonnet and dummy to ladies undies which vary from stockings and suspenders with panties of all designs and bra. I sometime am dressed as a French maid or a tart. Most of the time I have clothes pegs on my nipples, tongue and just about anywhere else that takes her fancy. She keeps me on edge by saying she has invited friends round despite the curfew and that once the curfew is lifted she will continue to dictate what I wear.
Before the virus, she had two lady friends visiting us on Sunday afternoons for the sole purpose of humiliating me, but it sounds as if she may be intending to out me as an impotent sissy to more people.
It has come to the stage where I will obey her whatever she decides. I enjoyed her friends laughing at my tiny penis being incapable of getting hard or cumming, so my mind is completely ruled by my adorable wife.
malwcynthia · 80-89, M
One of the most exciting adventures I have had was one day on a clothes optional beach when my wife tied a dog lead onto my male remains which comprise of a tiny penis that never gets hard or ejaculates and a shrunken empty ball bag. With clothes pegs attached to my nipples, tongue and lips and a butt plug with a foxes brush attached, I was led along a clothes optional beach. I enjoyed people laughing at me and approaching us to examine me at close quarters. Every few yards I was made to stop and bend forward to touch my toes to get my bottom caned. Several strangers were invited to help with this punishment and I ended up with some lovely red stripes on my bum.
Before we left the beach I was made to wear a bra, suspender belt and fish net stockings to get in the car.
turbineman40 · 80-89, M
@malwcynthia Good to hear from you and your adventures. Walking on the beach wearing a leash must have been erotic. To go home, a bra, suspenders belt and fish net stockings---A lady has to be dressed properly. Such a good time for you
malecynthia · 80-89, M
My wife has become more dominant as time goes by and she has three lady friends visit on Sunday afternoons. I love these sessions as I am Cynthia all the time they are here and am treated as the star of the show. I have no secrets from any of them and am just one of the girls.
What started as a couple of clothes pegs on my nipples has developed into me having stronger clamps used on me and needles being inserted at will. Candle wax gets dripped into my pee hole and anywhere else they fancy. They fuck my arse with strap on dildos and make me prance around with animal tail butt plugs inserted. I am in my element, being laughed at by a group of women who often strip off and get me to lick and suck their cunts and arses.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I just love being bossed around by them all.
SheenVCD · 56-60, M
I wish I could be in that same situation! I'm very envious. I've had many fantasies that were very much like your description.
malecynthia · 80-89, M
@SheenVCD Even though we had children who are now grown up, my wife was never keen on sex. Now that I am no longer a real man, she likes treating me as a sissy and I love all the attention I now get as Cynthia. The most daring I have been in public is to wear ladies trousers. My underwear is always feminine as I love the feeling under my male clothes, especially a tight bra. I would love to crossdress fully but scared I would get beaten up.
Paliglass · 41-45, F
This would be hilarious. I can see the appeal to her 😂😂
malecynthia · 80-89, M
@nudydude Since I had a total prostatectomy after prostate cancer, I became impotent and my male bits shrunk almost to nothing. Instead of being upset about this, we accepted that we were of an age that sex was no longer essential as we already have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I was quite happy to accept that I couldn't behave as a man, so we agreed to live together as if we were both female. That has developed into me being a devout sissy and happy with it.
turbineman40 · 80-89, M
I am glad you enjoy her so. Do you share pictures of your outfits
malecynthia · 80-89, M
@turbineman40 Sorry we do not show any photos. Today I wore a half cup bra, stockings and suspenders and crotchless panties with clothes pegs on my tongue, nipples and clit
turbineman40 · 80-89, M
@malecynthia I would enjoy wearing the lingerie but not the clothes pins
Herpet · 46-50, M

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