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I Am Polyamorous

I didn't know I was polyamorous until fairly recently. It was a little shocking in all honesty. I had my sexuality figured out since early in my teenage years and I thought I was beyond the stage of discovering who I am. Only soon after my 17th birthday did I realise I'm polyamorous.

This is a weird one because it's almost stealthy. You kind of have to think about it to discover you're polyamorous. Unlike being gay or bi, it's not something that's immedately obvious like, "oh, look, I'm a guy and I think that guy's hot. I'm probably gay." At least for me, It took having 3 crushes simultaneously for a few months to realise.
meJess · F
I like parrots, but not that much :)
LanceVance · M
Lol, she's not saying polywantacrackerous.
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HopelessLeila · 26-30, F
Perfection. 👌
UnderTheBridge · 46-50, M
I think most of us are. It's just that somehow socially, religiously, legally, we have to stick to one partner.
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DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
The truth shall set you free...
same here but had a second thought.
bamaboylick · 61-69, M
I know what you mean
Really? Now [i]polyamory[/i] is not a lifestyle choice, but something you're born w/???
HopelessLeila · 26-30, F
It's how I feel, not something I choose. I don't necessarily [i]want[/i] to be polyamorous, I simply [i]am[/i]. Definitely not a lifestyle choice.
zaphod77 · 46-50, M
While some choose it, others are indeed born that way. It's quite impossible for me to love someone so much that the same exact feeling will not develop for other people. After all how can you give all your love if is infinite?

i have absolutely no sense of jealousy. Most who are the same way are polyamorous, and realize it.

The entering into multiple physically and emotionally intimate relationships simultaneously is a lifestyle choice. The desire to seek new intimate relationships never going away for longer than a month isn't a choice. It' just the wau ome people are.

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