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I Am Pansexual

So I have a funny story, all my life I always kind of knew I was, but I didn’t really know what it was. I’m pretty sure my mom knew too, as I was, ummmm strange.
But this one specific situation with my mother still makes me laugh to this day. One day, I was walking home with my mom, I couldn’t have been more than 14 at the time, and at that point I kind of realized that I wasn’t necessarily straight, as I was more leaned towards or attracted to the same sex, but I brushed it off. And maybe my mom kind of noticed too, as I never talked about having guy crushes, crushes at all. And that day she’s asked me “Do you have a boyfriend yet?” And instead of saying “no, not yet.” And leave it at that, this is what literally came out of my mouth “No I don’t WANT a boyfriend.”
My mom could’ve had a stroke right then and there, her reaction “You don’t like guys!!!!!!!!”
My reaction, full panic attack, “NO NO NO, YES I DO!!!!!” 😂 😂 when I say I literally screamed that, I screamed that. 😂
And years later when I did come out, what she says? “You where in a transparent closet dear, it was obvious”

I love her. 😂 😂
Laughman · 41-45, M
I've never understood the pansexual thing. From the description of your story, it sounds more like you are homosexual, which is fine.
StarDust1 · 22-25, F
No, I am attracted to guys, and woman, as well as people who are transgender. But I always lean toward woman, even if I still would date a guy. It’s like a slight different preference
Laughman · 41-45, M
@StarDust1 ok well so long as you are happy with your choice is all that matters. I spoke to one person who was Pan, and she blasted me because I just wanted her to explain what it was as I'd never heard of it before.

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