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Is there really no chance of love or relationship etc in Gay world ?

Hey everyone Im 30 year old from India and in my country its easier to idenitfy as a cow than coming out as a gay to your family or society and thats one of the reasons Ive been a loner for ever at least till now and even though Im an introvert by nature but have tried Online chatting etc and usually all that I've come across are messages of desperate dudes asking for Nude pics or a quick meet for a Bj etc.

It seems like there are no gay guys who are actually looking for a serious love or soulmate type of thing which Im looking for so I dunno if any of you here have ever met "THE ONE" or are you also giving up on this search and have finally realized that it is what it is and in my case I travel,plane spot,write poems and be happy with my peace.

Btw if any of you reading this needs a friend just someone to even talk to then do buzz me cause Id love to meet with some good friends online if not "The One" lol.
Ynotisay · M
One of my close friends has been with his partner for about 25 years. They have the best relationship of anyone I know. Don't know if this is a coincidence but they have no connection to the "gay community." They're just two people in a relationship. They do live in a big city where being gay is a non-issue and that might have something to do with it.
But I'd say your odds of finding somebody you connect to online is pretty slim. Not sure that's where solid relationships start. I'd probably think more about meeting someone in public, or through work or some of kind of hobby group. "Like finds like." I think that's true if you're open to the idea. Good luck.
Ynotisay · M
@Avgeek30 You bet but don't accept things now as being the way they always will be. You're too young for that. My very strong belief is that if you're looking for a relationship that just having that mindset will bring people in to your life. You don't have to work for it. It will show up if you're in the right frame of mind. You could be in a store, see someone that captures your attention and take it from there. Is it harder when you're not sure if someone is the same orientation? Sure. But your attention is probably going to be captured by someone who is. Like I said, 'like finds like.'
Hang in there, be positive and the right person will pop in to your life. That's how it works. Good luck.
Avgeek30 · 26-30, MNew
@Ynotisay Yeah you're right and I have an open mind so I'm just gonna let it all go with the flow I guess and stop thinking about it all for if and when its bound to happen I reckon it will and if not then also Im gona be good being at peace with myself.

Thanks again !
Ynotisay · M
@Avgeek30 There you go. And now watch what happens. For sure. Enjoy the ride. Good luck.
I’m sorry that you can’t find happiness and love. Unfortunately, I think that’s just how a good portion of men are regardless of their location or sexual orientation. My only advice is to keep an open heart, don’t lower your standards, and always be kind to yourself.
Avgeek30 · 26-30, MNew
@MorbidCynic Thanks for your response and kind words of motivation !

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