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I keep fattening up. [I Am Seriously Obese]

Ever since I was young I have always wanted to have a big stomach. I never acted on my actions until a couple of years ago. When I first wanted to gain weight I went online and looked up pictures of fat people. I was in awe when I saw photos of fat people with huge round soft bellies. I went to work and started eating everything i could ranging from ice cream to cookies. After around a year on my 11th birthday I weighed 135 pounds. I thought I was big at the time but my stomach barely went past my chest. I kept eating and eating and my parents would get mad at me for eating the food but I had an older brother and I blamed him most of the time. It wasn't until they started to see my belly get bigger that they realized it was me. At my 12th birthday I weight 146 pounds. I was disappointed in myself for only gaining 11 pounds in a year but my belly also grew 2 inches so it was okay. Later that year I made a Kik account and had conversations with people who liked my belly and they helped me gain more weight. This was during the social distancing and the pandemic. Because I couldn't go outside and do things I ballooned in size that year. I must have ate so much because on my 13th birthday I weighed a grand total of 176 pounds. My birthday is in August and now in 2021 I weigh 189.9 pounds now and my bmi is 31.6 which makes me obese. I gorge myself every day and can get so bloated to a point where I weigh up to 193 pounds. My belly is normally 37 inches but when I'm full my belly is 41 inches.

If any one out there wants to get fat like me I will now give you some tips.

First things first you need to eat more calories than you burn. This can be achieved by over gorging yourself whenever possible. What I do to gain weight is to drink a container of coffee creamer. It has 2200 calories which is more than you need in a day. You can also do what I call a cake shake which is when you Blend a box of Betty Crocker Yellow Cake mix with a quart of milk, a little at a time so it doesn't cake up in the blender. (DON'T add eggs!) Drink that down. Then I drink two 8 oz. glasses of water as chaser, to stimulate the baking soda in the mix. It's quite filling, leaving you big all day long: the reaction comes later (approx 10 hours). It will fill you up by about 10 pounds and it lasts all day. Another thing to do is to swallow baking soda and vinegar. It is hard to swallow but if you do it right it can bloat you good for around 10-30 minutes. I will make another one of these in a couple of months when I gain 10 pounds and become 200 pounds.


Edit: when I reach 200lbs I will show a photo of my belly.
Physically you are a very sick person. Mentally I have no clue

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