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I Have Really Big Boobs

I want to talk experiences with other woman who have big boobs. Men should not respond to this, unless it's respectful and not sexual or they have a legitimate question.

I have finally comes to terms with the size of my chest. It took awhile and I have written about my struggles here in the past. One of the earliest experiences I had was right after I started developing (it happened fast) it was just before school was to start and I was going to meet up with my two best friends for a bike ride (I live in the middle of nowhere so this is still a common thing. One of my best friends is male, that is important to the story. So it was the morning and I was growing so fast and we couldn't get my bra size right so I couldn't wear one that day and me being a bit ignorant thought... "hey I'll just wear this old tank top it will be so tight it will hold them in and keep them from bouncing." Let's just say I was wrong and shortly after meeting up with my friends the tank top just kinda fell apart and my boy best friend saw is first set of naked breasts. It was awkward between us for a about a week, but we talked about it and it was cool. He did blush around me for about a month but that was it.

Another time was when I was in the grocery store with my mom and it was summer and I was wearing a crop top... Let's just say older woman gave me funny looks, called me names and one woman even covered her kids eyes. I wasn't even exposing anything... I wasn't wearing a bra because it was so hot, and ya know, boob sweat but it wasn't a crop top that exposed any under boob or anything, just my navel.

Then there is the school bus on the bumpy back roads, this one is more recent, just a couple months, I had PE last period and was running late to catch the bus. I just pulled on my clothes, not my bra, stupid, I know, I wasn't trying to show off or anything but I guess it just wasn't my day... everyone could tell I wasn't wearing a bra and people weren't rude, they just keep glancing my way when we hit a bump.

Again things have gotten better for me since the crappy neighbors moved that were the ring leaders in my insecurities because of their harassment. But I'd like to hear about struggles, accidental exposures and other such issues from other woman so we can all talk about it and laugh. (for the record, I feel like society thinks woman's breasts are just sexual objects, they aren't and they shouldn't be a big deal but for some reason they are.)
strollingsouls · 31-35, M
does it make you painful?

due to the weight?
strollingsouls · 31-35, M
@SkyeDaydream good! that'll make u really attractive!
@strollingsouls well I don't care about being attractive, it's the last thing on my mind, if at all.
strollingsouls · 31-35, M
@SkyeDaydream okay cool!

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