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To my childhood friend

This happened couple of months ago, with my highschool friend.
I have moved to a nearby town from my childhood place, and once in a while I would meet my buddies from hometown at the bars or restaurants. One of my close friends from school days was coming to town to purchase stuff for his auto repair store, and he texted me to see if I was free to catch up with him over a few beers. It has been a while since I met him, and as it was a Friday evening, I thought it would be a good idea to wind down with a few drinks and chat. So I immediately replied yes, and told my wife that I will be going out to have a guys evening with my buddy.

Now my wife knows him well, and she has always had a crush on his muscular body. She even once mentioned how kinky it would be to have sex in his repair shop in a car that is hoisted up for repairs. But we never moved beyond that fantasy, primarily because she has a rolodex of fantasies and guys so his turn hasn't come again on our fantasy roulette :). She made a quick comment about how hot he is, and asked me to say hi to him for her. She was going to hit the gym and watch TV all by herself.

After work, I got changed into casual outfit, and went to the local bar to meet my friend. We talked about how all our friends are doing, and who is boning who, etc. After a couple of beers, we switched to our bartender's special old fashioned, and the talk turned towards girls. My friend is a single guy that had divorced his wife in the past year, so he was actively going on dates but hadn't found a match yet. He was saying how frustrating it was to not have a pussy at hime to fuck, and he would have to jack himself off every day, while I can be serviced at home whenever I wanted. We had a hearty laughter, and I asked him about some of the available girls in our town, and some of them are real fuck-worthy ones.

All this talk got me (and I'm sure him as well) horny, and I wanted to tease him a bit. So I asked him if he was an ass or boobs guy, and he said he prefers tits over ass. I told him that if he sees the right ass, he will change his opinion. And I pulled out my phone to open my picture gallery to show him some curvy ass pics I had downloaded from internet. As he was enjoying the pics I 'accidentally' swiped too far, and brought up a very sensual pic of my wife's back. Her face was not showing, but it was clear that is was not an internet quality pic, but something clicked on a phone. If I was too drunk to show my wife's naked pic to my friend, he was drunk enough to not notice that it was her. I swiped further and showed a pic where she sat with her legs spread wide, showing her shaved pussy, and perky tits. After a few seconds, I asked him, "were you looking at the tits or pussy in this pic?". He said "Oh that pussy is so fine dude. The tits look good too, but I'm thinking of lapping up that pussy", and laughed. I smiled and swiped one more time. Now he saw a pic of her sucking my cock, and in this pic her face was visible, and she was grinning as she held my cock in her mouth. My friend went "Oh shit man. As fucking sexy as it is, I shouldn't be seeing this" and turned the phone towards me.

I laughed and said "Its ok bud. You were just thinking about lapping up that pussy. And this is just 2 drunk guys talking and all good". He relaxed a bit, but didn't ask for me to show any more. By now, I had downed a few old fashioned to be over the DUI limit. So I knew I'm going to need my friend to drop me off at home. So I excused myself to the mens room, and I called my wife. I told her to get naked and 'sleep' on the family room couch as I wanted to give my friend a view of her ass. She giggled at my suggestion and told me to bring him after 20 min.

I returned back and told my friend that he needs to drop me off, and he already knew that I won't be able to drive anyway. As we returned home, I pretended to be too drunk to walk straight (although I was not that drunk anymore), and asked my buddy to walk me to the couch. As we entered the house, I could hear the TV running and thought that my wife had changed her mind, and my excitement started to subside. But, as we came around to the family room, there was my wife 'sleeping' on her stomach buck naked, with the blanket covering nothing but her calves. With the TV running, the light from the TV make her ass hole and pussy lips clearly visible. My friend froze for a second, but I kept walking to the couch so he had no choice but to get a closer look of her ass and pussy.

I sat down on the couch at my wife's feet, and slapped her bare ass gently and winked at my friend. He was visibly nervous, and just smiled and quietly said good night, and turned around quickly and left. Once the door closed, my wife sat up and gave a a deep kiss while squeezing my hard on. She said "Did you enjoy the show baby", and I nodded my head as we proceeded to have yet another fuck session.
thedesi123 · 51-55, C
Great show that he has enjoyed.

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