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My guilty pleasure 馃槏

There鈥檚 something about Indian women that I鈥檝e always found extraordinarily beautiful. The brown skin, the long, black, silky hair, and don鈥檛 forget about their fashion sense! Show me a beautiful, young Indian woman in a sari with a red bindi on her forehead, and I鈥檓 in heaven! 馃グ

I remember when I saw my first Bollywood film with my Indian friend and saw all the gorgeous actresses, and that鈥檚 when I fell in love with Indian women!

Unfortunately, I鈥檓 not sure if I鈥檒l ever get to be with an Indian woman, as I鈥檝e noticed nearly all the ones I meet are Hindu, and I want to be with another Christian like myself. Oh well, I can dream!
There's plenty of fish in the pond. Since india has huge population. Also if only you are fond of the dressing, colour and whatever just find someone who can dress up like a woman for you.
RopinTexan31-35, M
@littlepuppywantanewlife Oh, I鈥檇 take a tan woman who dresses in a saree for me on special occasions for sure! 馃槈
Did you know about Anglo-indians? They're so Christian that even you'll be surprised! And they have their own Baptist church or Protestant Church that they go to. They're a lot of them settled in US and Canada.

Also, Hindu girls don't mind marrying Christian boys, FYI. Unless they're from a very conservative family.
RopinTexan31-35, M
@Vivaci I may have to find an Anglo-Indian church! I鈥檓 assuming they鈥檙e have white and half Indian?
What has religion got anything to do with love.
RopinTexan31-35, M
@johntomSWPhd I just want us to have the same goals, values, and lifestyle.

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