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I Am Attracted To Girls

It’s just a shame Girls aren’t Attracted to me I’ve always been the shy guy and thanks to my Awful school days I’ve been left with zero confidence in myself so that hasn’t helped

Ive definitely felt attracted to some girls but I could easily tell they wouldn’t feel the same so I’ve just let it go
Are you sure the girls were not interested, sometimes when we have low self esteem and are quiet we miss things or write things off quickly. The key here is to build your confidence level, often a good therapist can help you with strategies to get you started.
Success · 26-30, F
Shy and unattractive is a fatal combo. Get past the shyness and ask out some overlooked girl.
Some girls like shyer guys. Find one that’s looking back at you and wink at her .
Build yourself confidence up
Tvdiet101 · 26-30, M
For a lot of guys it just ain’t that easy @SW-User
@Tvdiet101 it’s not easy for anybody

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