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[big][c=#800000]OK[/c][/big].. the title?? [b][c=#A69800]NOTHING[/c][/b] to do with this post! It's just a side note lol ((jk))

[i]Look man[/i], i'ma need for somebody to write a nice little letter to Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and emphasise the ideology of idiocracy!! Kind sir, do you understand how EPIC a championship, 7 game series between the Warrior's big 3 and this, potential 3, COULD BE?!?

LeBron is NOT whining, he's stating a fact, they aren't ready for Golden State quite yet, they need an additional play maker! The Warriors leveled alllll the way up!! Let's make this rivalry MONUMENTAL! [c=#800000][big]GRAB CARMELO[/big][/c]!
rottenrobi · 56-60, F
I live in Oakland, and love the Warriors. Like the Raiders, even when they couldn't win a game to save their lives, I remained loyal. This Warrior team, with Kerr as a coach, makes Oakland so proud, and makes game night a neighborhood affair!

The rivalry between the Cavs and the Warriors is huge and I love a heated game between to great teams. I've honestly never liked LeBron. For whatever reason I always thought he was too arrogant for his own good. Having said that, at the end of the last series, my opinion of him completely changed. The man is a giant, and watching him run up and down the court, like he was a one man team, made me question who I really wanted to win the series. He played his ass off for it. There was no denying his passion. I'm still loyal to my local boys, but I've grown to respect Lebron James, both on and off the court.
HaHLoBravado · 36-40, M
I appreciate your interest in this post! I too really love this rivalry and it recently just got extremely interesting!! Obviously on GS, Durant makes a major difference (currently injured) but also the Cavs leveled up with 4 highly skilled back ups.

This year's Finals should be every bit as thrilling as last year's minus the avalanche come back. We didn't get Carmelo like I had hoped but I feel like Cleveland is now an evenly matched team. LeBron is my favorite but I get annoyed with him too - Kyrie should def get more credit for his efforts.

You're awesome for liking sports, PERIOD!
rottenrobi · 56-60, F
I'm so happy we have Kevin Durant. He's an amazing player. I'm sure he's just as disappointed as we are about his injury though. At least we have Curry, Iguodala, Thompson, and my personal favorite Greene! I think Greene brings a little bit of Oakland to every game! Lol. STeph needs to pick up his game though. I think he's starting to rely on Durant a little bit too much.

This years finals will be great, assuming we"ll get there this year.!

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