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The atheist (specifically the "new atheists") movement is going through a lot of fuckery in the last two years...

Richard Dawkins said he is a cultural christian (which ppl made more out of than should have been, to be fair. He was just saying that as a semi-product of his environment, he's influenced by various christian judeo values that he does agree with, while he wouldn't be had he been raised somewhere else).

Aayan Hirsi Ali converted to Christianity, mostly because she thinks there's utility in it.

Matt Dilahunty literally let other dudes fuck his wife, and also claims to be heterosexual when his boyfriend is a transgender person with a penis. If he's the spokemen for secular humanism then it's no surprise why that movement will be tough to take off. (secular humanism=chicks have dicks plus you're a patriarchal controlling asshole if you aren't cool with you girl getting smashed by David Silverman)

Happy Pride Month! 鉂わ笍馃А馃挍馃挌馃┑馃挋馃挏
Well, people like Richard Dawkins thought an atheistic society would be a utopia, but I guess he has seen the result.

Shame he is not an actual Christian.
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