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New drawing is finished, Another baby Mercedes.

I don't know why I went with this color but I thought why not? then something really funny happened. A homophobic person in my house saw me painting it and he commented saying "Why are you painting it like gay people flag" and suddenly I realized that it does look like the LGBT flag and I simply explained that it's a coincidence and he didn't buy that and asked if I'm one of them and why do you support them. Instead of getting angry and offended I simply explained that I'm not ashamed that I support them and that I'm not scared to admit and that I support them because I believe that we're all equal, he then kept blabbering stuff and I stopped paying attention and listened to music because who cares anyway about someone who thinks that anything that looks like a rainbow is a "gay flag" 😅 imagine having a thick mind like that! I felt proud of myself for how I handled the situation without getting pissed.

This made me like the color even more.

In normal countries this may be nothing but in my society people get jailed for these things..

Ok here we go again 👇🏼

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