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Part of the 'prostitute lifestyle', for want of a better term, revolves around preconceived notions and behaviours. Much like rock stars, in their decadence and I can remember being told that "When we know that Ozzy Osbourne is shitfaced we're gonna get a hell of a concert..."

I get that. I understand the whole drink and drugs part of the scene. I do indulge myself. My wife, also a hooker, indulges more so.

..and then, via situation rather than design, I went from being 'one of the girls' to actually running a bunch of them. Not my plan in life but they wanted me to take over the reigns. So I did.

Hopefully being a good boss too. A fair boss.

Problems come where the one that you love sees it as a fast-track to herself just coasting - being lazy, drinking and drugging more and generally being an idiot.

...and some of the other girls were too afraid to bring it to my attention...being seen as a 'snitch' or resigning themselves to put up with the boss's wife.

When it finally came to my attention, a long time later, I had to do something about it.

We're a team, me and her. We have a daughter together. We have an organisation together...and that organisation is like family. That's what I have tried to instil into every one of the girls that I run - we're here for you, we have your back, we're friends but we all need to pull together. There's no weak links in this team We all have something to offer.

So, big talk with Jen to curb her intake, especially in front of our girl, and to stop being lazy. I didn't want to marry/love an alcoholic, I wanted her to get herself straight or there would be a chance that it might break us.

Thankfully she took my advice.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Jen still likes to drink...still likes cocaine..but she doesn't do it nearly as often as she used to. She doesn't try to abuse her power, being the boss's wife - which I think came from too much drink and drugs anyways - and she's more of a team player.

We are a team, me and Jen. She's 20 years older than me. I just don't want to have to be the adult all the time. She needed to, and did, step up and be responsible.

But, being the boss and married to one of the girls? Hard work and can be a minefield.
Boleuskas · 41-45, M
Sorry you are going through it, i learned my lesson never to work with any family members, I think you will too ...
Boleuskas · 41-45, M
@AmberDuponte i am glad to hear it 🫂
AmberDuponte · 26-30, F
@Boleuskas Thank you. We all have potential to be arseholes, after all. She's better like this.
Boleuskas · 41-45, M
@AmberDuponte yes we do unfortunately..
arthurca · M
I'm glad you worked things out between you, Amber. Everybody has problems to go through, no matter who they are.
AmberDuponte · 26-30, F
@arthurca Well, this was last year....I never told anybody that before.
Didn’t see that speech and the hooker business going together but you pulled it off.
AmberDuponte · 26-30, F
@SW-User Well, being a part of something together - we built this all together. We were away from our old pimp, had to work the streets (it was snowing at that time), save money to get a property for the brothel girls to work from etc etc - we pulled together. It's a caring community, family. We're there for one another...

Werther it's prostitution or some other small business, it doesn't really matter. As a boss, I care for the girls that work for me. As a boss, I want to be helpful. As a wife, I want my relationship to be equal.


Thank you.
@AmberDuponte I hear you
ProstituteAmy · 26-30, F
Glad it works well

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