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why do women become prostitutes?

GERRI · 51-55, F
I suppose I was a prostitute,,, actually, there is no denying it., I was. It all started as a dare between myself and a friend that we would go out together and if a guy hit on us, which they did, we would pretend to be a hooker and give them a price to have us... Usually, it would shut most guys down and they would leave us alone..... One night, maybe because I had too much to drink and he was very, VERY attractive it went a little further. I told him 75 bucks and I would go outside and have a quickie with him. He gave me the money; the rest is history, as they say.
bgjb58 · M
@GERRI That’s all? That had to be the best 75 bucks ever spent!!!!!
Lexiluv · 26-30, F
The money can be good but not always. It's accessible maybe. I imagine everyone has their own reasons on why morally.
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@sosensitive70 For years, I got naked for hen parties. Being objectified..? Yes, definitely very hot.
Physiciansexwife · 41-45, F
We need money. Not even a question
lakshsony · 31-35, F
Most women do so because they need money and have no other way to earn it. These women need money for food and shelter, to support their children and families, to pay debts, or to buy drugs. Everyone has her own reason, and we are no one to judge them.
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Physiciansexwife · 41-45, F
@cluelesjake69 thank you for sharing your story. 6 a day I would be so sore. Glad you turned it into a positive thing.
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GERRI · 51-55, F
A man actually finding a girl so desirable he would pay her money is,, well,, very complimentary.
Firegod74 · 46-50, M
"If you do a job you love you will bever work a daybin your life"
there are Males prostitutes .
ericap · 31-35, F
@BonnieWillRingsYourBell heard about male prostitutes but tbh i don't remember reading any news about raiding male brothels or arresting male prostitutes. Either it is not treated as severe as female prostitution or we've got some influential ppl to cover them.
EvilEmma · F
because its easy money
Lowkey · 100+, M
@EvilEmma I don't know about that! Having a pimp kick the shit out of you, or risking you life every time you get in a strange car, hotel room etc isn't easy money!!
antonioioio · 61-69, M
@EvilEmma I wouldn't call it easy money
Look at the risk they take and the danger they put themselves in
ericap · 31-35, F
one factor is not enough to tell why they become prostitutes. one of the main reasons especially in countries like (i don't want to mention), young ladies with no parental care or any other mean of funds to fend for themselves see prostitution as a means of survival and continuity of education.
[i]People[/i] become [i]sex workers[/i] for a wide variety of reasons. The better question would be why are they stigmatised for it?
11knaves11 · 41-45, M
Because they choose too. I mind my bidness

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