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How best to describe my Slutty Lisa - Dancer, Nude model, Actress, Escort, Whatever. . .


Lisa was thermonuclear energy on platform heels. I never met anyone that lived so much in the moment. Only it wasn't something she did deliberately, it was just how she is. She has a few regrets about the past and no real major concerns about what the future will bring.

Now Lisa was half my age when we first met and as you can see Lisa’s absolutely gorgeous. I had no clue why Lisa chose to hang out with a butt ugly, old Silicon Valley geek like me. I asked her once if she had ever dated guys her own age. Lisa looked at me like I was crazy and said sarcastically "What am I gonna talk about with them? What's their major?" During high school, Lisa said she never dated guys under 25. She told me the younger guys just wanted her to get their rocks off. Older guys were much more appreciative. And generous.

Now I met Lisa about six months after I had separated from my wife of 20+ years. I was not a very happy camper. I went to see a buddy of mine at his photography studio. He's there with this stone-cold gorgeous young model, Lisa.

When they finished their photo shoot, we all talked for a while and then Lisa asked me if I could give her a ride home. Sure, why not? When we got to her place, she invited me to come in, meet her housemates and have a drink. Sure.

Everyone at Lisa’s place were all drunk and they had their cheap stereo cranked all the way up full blast with a porn flick on the TV. Lisa gets some drinks for us and introduces me to her housemates. It's way too loud in the living room, and Lisa shouts at me. Did I wanna go talk in her bedroom? Sure!!

For obvious reasons, I didn’t make it back to my place until the following evening!! Geez, suddenly this gorgeous vision of a woman, Lisa, drops into my shitty life like an angel from heaven. A very wicked angel. This is exactly what this old pirate needed at that point in my life. I was just totally blown away by this beautiful woman. Gawd, I wish I could have had a video cam going the first time I introduced Lisa to my ex-wife. The look on her face can only be described as priceless. About six months after we met Lisa moved into my apartment.

While we were first living together I learned all the interesting details about how Lisa started working as a nude dancer at only 17. Lisa is an incredible dancer. I'd never seen a more graceful person. Really. She took dance classes from the time she was six until she started high school. Lisa started dancing in the strip clubs down in Tijuana because she was too young to legally dance naked in the good ol’ US of A.

Lisa describes the Mexican strip clubs as being waaay rowdier than their American counterparts. The bouncers don't do anything unless a knife fight breaks out or if the club's facilities might get damaged. The dancers are strictly on their own. Lisa had to fend off lots of drunk Americans. These stupid asssholes would try to pull her off the stage and the bouncers would just watch and smile. So Lisa learned to cool off these idiots using a quick kick to the head with one of her stiletto heels.

Unlike a lot of other women, Lisa is perfectly comfortable being totally nude up on a stage in front of a crowd of leering, horny guys. (I knew this one stripper who hurled every time she went up on stage and had to take off her bikini top. )

No, not Lisa. She just loves being seen naked. She craves being the center of attention and wants every eye in the room focused on her. Lisa says that when she's nude up on a stage, it gives her this incredible feeling of power and control over the guys watching her. Talk about being confident in your appearance.

Lisa told me how she had shared an apartment in Mexico with another dancer. Tanya was slightly older, beautiful and sophisticated. Lisa said Tanya was her first “girl crush” and had also introduced Lisa to all the pleasures of lesbian sex, vast quantities of cocaine and the high-end prostitution business.

Lisa got started when Tanya asked Lisa to go out with her on a "date" with some wealthy young Mexican guys that Tanya knew. She told Lisa that they would make a lot more money than the two girls did dancing nude at the strip club. Since Lisa had been fucking dudes like these guys for free, anyway, so Lisa decide to go with Tanya.

Tanya was right, Lisa had a great time and made a lot more money that night. So the two women began working together as upscale hookers instead of dancing. Lisa said they only saw guys Tanya knew - young dudes from extremely wealthy TJ families or local cartel gangsters involved with drug-running - all of them with lots and lots of drugs and money to spend. Lisa said that these guys would often pay to watch the two hot hookers have sex. Eventually, Tanya and Lisa went their separate ways after Lisa started getting serious about an American Marine she had met down in Mexico.

By then Lisa was 18 got married and came back to live in San Diego with her Marine. When he went on his first deployment for six months, Lisa was quickly bored and soon went back to working as a dancer, model, actress, escort, whatever. . . When the Marine came back from deployment, Lisa was long gone.

Lisa especially enjoyed dancing at bachelor parties because she could make $500 just by giving the groom a quick blow job. She also said when she was very horny and really having fun, she enjoyed “entertaining” the entire party with a blowbang.

Lisa thoroughly loved living the whole upscale escort lifestyle. She drove this cute little Suzuki jeep, went clubbing every night and shared a beachfront condo with two other escorts and the guy that ran the escort agency. Lisa, being young, gorgeous and very popular, could pick and choose her clients and said she only dealt with the rich local businessmen and white-collar professionals. Lisa told me her regulars included an ex-pro football player and even an SD County deputy DA (who kept pestering Lisa to fuck him in his county office).

By the time she was 21, Lisa had worked four years as an escort. Her illustrious career ended when the bone-head owner of the agency hired an undercover lady cop who busted everyone involved in the successful little business enterprise. The owner was convicted of pimping, pandering and the worst crime of all, state and federal tax evasion. Lisa told me that she'd work as an escort again if it wasn't for her legal problems.
I once did some "calculations" regarding the number of clients Lisa probably had. Lisa started when she was 17 and 'retired' after four years. She fucked as many as one to three per night. She would work maybe 25 weeks out the year. That averages out to 250 cocks a year or so. Wow! Lisa had fucked more than 1000 guys! How many women do you know that have ever been with that many dudes?! And that was all before she was 21!! What more can ya ask for in terms of 'slutty'? Ya just gotta love that naughty girl, Lisa!!

Being a high-class hooker Lisa had pulled in maybe $50K to $75K per year during each of those four years. Lisa easily made as much money as your average computer geek (like me) does in California. Of course, Lisa had to split the money with the owner of the agency since he provided her with an apartment, etc. Of the remaining money, she spent 90% on clothes, drugs, booze, partying and such but the last 10% she spent frivolously. ;-)

You may be surprised to hear that despite her being a dancer, model, actress and “service provider", Lisa was not really that materialistic. More like she is just completely oblivious to money. Guys would try to impress her with their money all the time and she really hated that. She didn't react at all as they expected. Lisa was never one to be held hostage by material possessions. If you gave her a gift, she might give it away to someone else the next day.

Lisa was a gypsy, a genuine free spirit. You could ask Lisa to go to the ends of the earth and she is the only chick I ever met that could get up, shower, do her hair, dress and be ready to leave in less than 15 minutes!

Of course, you know there was a downside to being with Lisa. For example, Lisa was so unpredictable. I thought I could get her to be a little less like that. There were other little things, too. Rules!? Yeah, right. Lisa doesn't do rules very well. I don't know if she even hears that little voice in your head that makes you and I behave ourselves. But I learned to let the relationship just freewheel. We were together for about 8 years.

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