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Use of Miracles

[b]Use of Miracles[/b]

The only purpose of miracles is that there exists the unimaginable God as indicated by the unimaginable miracles. They are thus meant for a fundamental concept and are aimed at atheists. They are like the slate and chalk of the L.K.G. class. Why are theists also after miracles? Theists are after miracles for a different purpose. They want to tap the super power of the Lord for their personal problems like scientists who are after tapping the energy in nature for its applications to benefit society. Their aim is not God but the power of God. They do not mind calling the possessor of powers as God. Miracles indicate the power of God and not God. You have tapped solar energy in a battery cell and produced light. Does it mean that the battery cell is the sun? Similarly even demons tapped the super power from God through penance like storage battery cells. They could not become God. Ravana lifted Kailasa, a bigger mountain than Govardhana! Even atheists do not recognise God through miracles, since they treat them as illusions or magic. Duryodhana treated even the vision of the Vishwarupam as an illusion of the eye and mind.

Thus in the case of atheists, even the basic purpose of doing miracles is not served, while theists exploit these miracles. Miracles cannot give the address of God. They give only the proof of the existence of the unimaginable power of God through which we can recognize the existence of the unimaginable God. Only for such belief are miracles useful in the case of scientists who are atheists. To serve this purpose, even the miracle of a demon can be taken. God also does miracles. God does them spontaneously. The sun gives light spontaneously. God does a miracle whenever there is a great necessity and does it spontaneously. He never exhibits miracles for publicity or fame. He is already bored with fame in the upper world and He comes here for some rest. Simultaneously He likes to help humanity on this earth through guidance, by preaching the divine knowledge. But a demon exhibits these miracles for egoism and fame for which he has thirst.

I was (here I mean God and not Myself because God is in Me and I am not God, according to the concept of human incarnation) also forced to do some miracles for a short period initially by a devotee (Bhavani, wife of C.B.K. Murthy). Crowds of devotees were surrounding Me always. They were donating well and praising Me to the sky. I was not blown up and I clearly found out that their intention was only to use My power here in their worldly problems. They were doing devotional business with Me. Some purchased My power through money like merchants, who purchase items for profit (Vaishya bhakti). Some others purchased My power through sweet words (praises) and artificial weeping shedding streams of tears and sweet feelings (Veshya bhakti). Then I started conducting tests with Rajas and Tamas [showing bad qualities]. Most of them ran away. Now I am happy and peaceful.

I like the small minority of devotees, who remained with Me. Their love towards Me is real. They are the original diamonds. Even if I sacrifice My life for them, I am still indebted. They serve Me without aspiring for anything in return. Without their knowledge, I transfer the fruits of their evil deeds on to Me and suffer for them secretly with a lot of pleasure. If they know this, they will object to My suffering for their sins. This is real love, which is actually a two-way traffic. But the flow of love from My side is a secret so that they always feel that their love to Me is only a one-way traffic. Such one-way love is the sweetest. I enjoy this sweetest love and perhaps only due to this, I have become a patient with high blood sugar! Again you get the doubt, how I get a high blood sugar problem? My body got this sugar problem. The body is like a shirt, which is common to both the beggar and the king and any shirt can be cut!

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