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how can you live in society if you hate people in general and want to avoid them

this is me, i'm not at all very sociable, are quite antisocial infact, i hate a lot of people & only want to avoid them....there are very few people i get on with, mainly those who think like me, which are not very many.....how do you live in society when you feel like this?
shinyplasticlove · 51-55, M
I moved from a large city in Texas to a small town in North Dakota to escape people and the heat. Even in my job I have limited human contact.
Berlynnc93 · 31-35, F
I stick to the couple people i can actully tolerate! that dont make my skin crawl and i dont even try to enjoy others or pretend that i like them and wanna be friends with them! Once my social battery is gone im out lol its doesnt take much to run it out!
Fertilization · 36-40, F
When one learns to ignore it becomes easy, I guess.

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