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That moment when a popular SW member writes a terrible s3xual story and it's got lots of hearts and comments

Lack of paragraphs, lack of punctuation, no background, no build up to the s3xual part, you just start svcking his c0ck and go through the s3xual motions

A bunch of h0rny degen3rates with mediocre s3xual skills.
Is this because you've had too much s3x and can't bother to set the scene, build an emotional connection, and then have foreplay, or are you a dvmb^ss who prefers qu!ckies?

And this is a woman.
I always thought women were good at s3x but I was wrong.
Some of you must be terrible.
I agree. I mean, I get a quickie with someone you have a strong intimate connection with can work, but the majority of people's sexual realizations in words, read very much like standardized porn.

Very few write erotic stories creatively, sensually and imaginatively .

Plus....I think some women write to impress men in general. Either way, I kinda feel for those that write it , and those that respond and say " ooh that was so hot" .....coz they are content with that.

Which is a shame. Good erotic sweaty connection can be the most intense and sensual exploration and satiation one can experience.

I dunno ...maybe they write what they know 馃し
It's when they use language like "his member" or "love flower"
馃槃 I've witnessed this too. *smh*
Most times I don't even waste time reading those posts unless it's tasteful and with some substance, which is rare.
iamonfire69641-45, F
Link it so we can all read this masterpiece.

Honestly though an account with a 鈥淔鈥 tag just needs to mention sex and men will swarm to it.

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