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About human condition

Love your neighbour....doesn't work in today's society. Sometimes it is best to accept you are alone on your journey and you can't trust anyone. The joyous times spent together get replaced with feelings of resentment...that is why we need to relish in Lord, let his light wash away our earthly poison
I disagree. Depending on your particular religion, we are told to be open, loving, kind, generous… you know - return good for evil, forgive 70 x …

In my opinion, God is not a fan of withdrawing from others. When we receive those gifts from our higher power, we are told NOT to hide our light under a bushel, but to let it shine.

The strength to forgive and to be humble comes from elsewhere.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
@Really You made a blanket statement indicating that their typical effect was the opposite.
Really · 80-89, M
@Zeusdelight I already know what satement I made - and i agree with you that there are 'many people who are religious' (or not) 'and spend their lives exhibiting these' (societally beneficail) 'traits.'
Really · 80-89, M
@Zeusdelight Coincidentally I came across this and thought it an appropriate comment on my "homely" statement about the historic effects of religions on social stability.

"It is hoped that no one will find his sense of literary or scientific fitness offended by this recourse to homely facts, or by what may at times appear to be a callous freedom in handling vulgar phenomena ... insufficiently backed by authority and data". - Thorstein Veblen in 'The Theory of the Leisure Class.'

I feel sure you know perfectly well the sorts of religion-backed horrors I'm thinking of, even though I did not try to point out specific exceptions.
PleasurePunch · 100+
I dont believe in being told what to do to (like GIVE IN) for a vague set of crushing social and economic problems. I believe we are all able to work together to make a better life, (and it works the way we make it work)

and not always think a higher power has to do it 4 us. People like that are giving away their own power and its revolting to me. God doesn't solve your medical problems either. Wanna argue... I'll be long gone.

cause then nothing changes. Its all about "the lord". Actually its about us. And inordinate political power where we don't count. But leave the big boss in the sky out of it.They did that in the middle ages. But those days are over and we deserve better.


.I don't need this toxic concessionism. NOBODY DOES

Don't celebrate/endorse powerlessness. Might as well celebrate ABUSE.
PleasurePunch · 100+
@Zeusdelight not too open minded to my question though

Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
@PleasurePunch it is difficult to be open or closed minded to something that is an idea that is not explained. Not having a view on it is exactly that. It is not closed or open, it is asking for an explanation of the idea and some sort of analysis on what it is based on.
PleasurePunch · 100+
@Zeusdelight zeus is the real old man in the sky
yes I sure do understand

you now?

oh forget it

if you understood I would already know.
Really · 80-89, M
Religion, the worship of 'gods' and so-called sacred books has caused untold slaughter and misery in the world.
GrinNude · 61-69, C
@Really Very true. that's why we identity as spiritual and not religious. Peace
It’s something to work at constantly. The state of one’s heart is what matters. Love your enemy and love your neighbor are possible, but they’re not a one-time thing. It’s a choice each and every time, and it’s harder sometimes than others. The way others are, how today’s society chooses to be, doesn’t excuse not doing it.
I’ve had people who were kind to me in times when I really wasn’t kind. They showed what the Lord was talking about, and that stood out to me against the way most (including myself) usually are: apathetic, angry, for themselves first, etc.

If you do it expecting society to change towards you, you really will be disappointed. They’re not going to change overall. You’re the one who would change each time you choose to follow what the Lord said. And God would be pleased with [i]you[/i]. It’s about your heart.

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