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my roommate from sophomore year added me on snapchat yesterday, and he asked me to meet him over lunch

We weren't really friends when we lived together, didn't talk much. He never caused me much trouble either, so I didn't feel much towards him in general. I remembered he drank a lot and actually, the first message he sent me was so strange that I asked him if he was drunk. He responded by showing me his AA coin, and I told him I was really happy for him. 馃グ

He apologized for "terrorizing" me when we lived together even though he really wasn't a bad roommate overall, and we set up a meeting over pizza on the weekend. I wonder why he's contacting me over a year later. Maybe he's just changing his life a lot and needs a friend. I've got no idea, but whatever the case is, I'm happy to see him. We're practically strangers, but the fact that he reached out indicates that he has some idea of what he wants.
He might be reaching out to old friends that don't drink and do drugs etc
BlueVeins18-21, M
[@1224465,AthenaArena] yeah, i didn't think about that
LucyFuhr51-55, F
This might be part of his "12 Steps" and it's awesome!
Even more that you said "yes" to being a part of it.
I've heard of this happening a lot when people grow out of bad habits and mature, especially people that were bullies in school.
OldBrit56-60, M
Step 9

That's why
BlueVeins18-21, M
[@464873,OldBrit] I somewhat hope it's not because I really don't feel that he wronged me at all. Like there was only one night where I felt it was important to kinda take care of him, and even then it wasn't so bad.
OldBrit56-60, M
[@4199,BlueVeins] I'm a recovering alcoholic. The vast majority of people I've tried to make amends to on my step 9 list have said something like "You have nothing to apologize for"

However I know that if I'd not said what I had to say the guilt could have been so damaging for me.

Just hear him out. If you feel like that tell him but let him also make his apologies if he feels he needs to.

There are others though where the response was "F*** off!"

Which means I failed to adhere to the final clause of step 9.
BlueVeins18-21, M
[@464873,OldBrit] Well, you can't always fix every bridge that gets burnt. I'm glad you've recovered, I know that's some really serious shit. 馃挐
That's nice. I think he deserves a chance and I think if that was me I'd be him.
he desperate

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