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You think those stories about successful people selling their soul in exchange for material possessions and clout are even somewhat credible?

Or possible
Nothing you achieve or acquire will ever be without his influence or sanction. He makes the Godfather look like the Good Humor Ice Cream man, and will own you till your last breath.
Indebted to him for your life of success and luxury, be sure he WILL collect.
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@SethGreene531 are you speaking from experience? I've heard similar stories. Sounds pretty dreadful but also, man, being poor sucks.

If it's possible I can understand why people resort to that.
@Andromedanian The experience of close associates.
I've seen his cunning traps laid in peoples lives, they are the jaws of death, gilded in gold.
Sating desires for things like wealth, influence, sex, or status.

I understand desperation, but there are other ways than a Ouija board or seance, to get ahead. You're young yet, opportunities will come your way.
Being poor does suck, but what you're talking about is an extreme solution, with eternal consequence.

Don't forget, he'll drop in for chats to see his favorite protege; along with other not so pleasant visitors.
You may have houseguests unannounced for a week or six---or that never leave your side.

His end game is not to prosper you--it's to lure you to your death by temptation, and the hollow promise of glory and splendor. He wants to destroy you.

His hate for mankind is unsurpassed.
scrood · 31-35
Happens everyday
scrood · 31-35
@Andromedanian I can't answer that either
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@scrood I appreciate the feedback provided, mysterious internet oracle of limited but useful wisdom
scrood · 31-35
@Andromedanian It's an interesting question
rrraksamam · 31-35, M
I'm not sure.
But I do know that a lot of successful people aren't very good humans.
Material success, wealth and fame gets to the ego and damages their character and personalities.

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