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41-45, F
Just living, still learning
About Me
About Me
I'm Wyn, and my life is a vibrant blend of my favorite passions. Baking is my absolute joy, and I take pride in creating sweet treats that taste amazing and experiementing with self created recipes. When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm probably lost in the world of music, where my tastes span a wide range, ensuring there's always a melody for every mood.

Books have a special place in my heart, and I find solace and adventure in the pages of a good novel.

Since being in recovery taking care of myself physically has become non negotiable, it's early nights and mornings for me as I prioritise my fitness.

Art and hiking are where I find both my creative and outdoor outlets, seeking inspiration and serenity in equal measure.

I'm all about making new connections, but I firmly believe in the importance of respect in every interaction. I'm not shy to ignore individuals who come on strong sexually; meaningful and respectful connections are what I'm after in this connected world.