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freaking awesome..
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You're a god damn tease 馃槨
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This message was deleted by its author.
Repetition22-25, M
Hey theoneyouwerewarnedabout,
Just wanted to say to you - I used to be a reasonably regular member of EP maybe 10 or so years ago, and I think I probably left about 7ish ago, and just wanted to have a look at EP's replacement when I saw a comment by yourself - just wanted to say, assuming you're the same person (embarrassing if not), that you played a part of a whole community that really played a big part in my growth, and that you personally are somebody I remember as being a) a frequent member, and b) someone who consistently made me laugh, and that its really quite nice to see you're still around and hopefully helping a few people along with snippets of humour that really made a difference to people like me when I was younger. From the era of illiteratetroll, eddiez and the like haha.
Apologies if its an unusual message to send, but just wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that you're around, and wish you the best :)
TheScissoring41-45, M
Yeah that was me ..
welcome to SW 馃槑馃憤
TheScissoring41-45, M

[image deleted]
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] You win. This time.
Is this you.. ? 馃槍
TheScissoring41-45, M
Not this week.. 馃槆
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] 馃槍
I haven't spammed your whiteboard in quite some time so..
This message was deleted.
TheScissoring41-45, M
... 馃
This message was deleted.
This message was deleted.
TheScissoring41-45, M
[@996788,JosephineEight] lolz..
This message was deleted.