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I Am Interested In Biology
I wonder how I can really get started researching this vast field of science. What if I am mainly just interested in how the human body functions for now, like the endocrine system, for starters? Should I search under the heading of "anatomy...
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26-30, M
6 replies
Apr 11, 2019
I Am a Therian
I guess this is what you would call me, but after seeing the posts in this group, I'm even less sure... were packs always this much of a thing? A therian, from what I know, is someone who identifies in full or in part as an animal. Well, I don...
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26-30, M
3 replies
Apr 10, 2019
I Admire People Who Are Not Afraid To Be Themselves
Maybe this is messed up but lately I find myself drawn to people that are a bit aggressive and rude... I know where I stand with them, they say what's on their mind and they don't hold back. They're emotionally honest. I'm getting...
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26-30, M
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Apr 2, 2019
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