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36-40, M
Geeky, Reliable and Punctual.
About Me
I am a Geek, plain and simple. I don’t apologize for it, I’m not ashamed of it and I’m proud of it. I am a total fan boy. I’m talking Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Comic Books, Video Games, Animation and Action Figures.

I have a strong, defining sense of identity. I know who I am and I like who I am. I have strong morals and I’m an idealist. I tend to see the good in people and take them at face value and give them the benefit of a doubt. I still believe that people are essentially good, selfless and decent. Perhaps that makes me clueless and naive, but I refuse to live in a cynical world.

I am a geek so mostly what I like in Movies and books are of the Sci-Fi, Fantasy variety.
As far as music is concerned well OK well I like Orchestral Film Music Scores.

Film score is a broad term referring to the music in a film, which is generally categorically separated from songs used within a film. The term soundtrack is often confused with film score, though a soundtrack may also include songs featured in the film as well as previously released music by other artists, while the score does not. A score is written specifically to accompany a film, by the original film's composer......Oh Geez! that was a bit ranty, sorry about that.

Food. Well Mexican and Italian are my faves.

I spend a lot of time thinking about geeky stuff. You know Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Movies, Comic Books and Video Games.I also think a lot about my future and where my life is going ....Oh and also about the giant attack mech I'm building in my garage.

On a separate note I have a pretty prominent fetish for female tummies and navels.I have a rather particular fetish. I'm really into concave sunken in tummies.I love the sight of a beautiful girl's tummy as she sucks it in and her tummy becomes concave, such as when you can see a hint of her ribs betraying their hide out behind her soft flesh.This is even better if she is laying down on her back with her arms above her head. Now I don't like super skinny anorexic girls, but a nice flat, yet soft tummy on a girl is ideal. If she can suck it in and it becomes concave, with a hint of ribs showing I'm happy.

My ultimate fantasy is to come home one day from work and find a beautiful, sexy woman asleep on my bed. Laying on her back, with her arms stretched above her head. Her entire tummy exposed between a a white wife beater shirt that the hem has been cut to just above her ribs and below her breast and a sexy pair of tiny thong panties. Her soft tummy raising up and down as she breathes deeply. Perhaps stretching once in a while her ribs betraying their hide out behind her soft flesh as she suck her tummy way in. This drive me wild.

The very thought of a woman going to sleep and her tummy is exposed turns me on. Any sort of significant tummy exposure while asleep short of being naked is very sexy to me. For some strange reason I find it sexier if they are clothed rather than naked. I'm also a fan of the simple panties and the short white wife beater undershirt. Either naturally short or purposely cut short to bare her belly. I sort of like that jagged look to the hem of the shirt against her tummy skin.

I got this fetish when I was around 14. It involved one of my sister's friend who I had a HUGE!!! Crush on. her name was Joanna. My sister had a slumber party one time. It was around 3 am and everyone had already gone to sleep. I got up to use the bathroom. I passed by my sisters room, her door was open and all her friends were laid out on the floor. Joanna's pj shirt was worked up all the way to above her ribs, she was laying on her back with her arms above her head and her tummy was concave and sucked in. Her pj bottoms were real low on her sexy hips and her hipbones stuck out as did her ribs. her tummy slowly and sensually rose and fell with her breathing. then she stretched and sucked in even more and let out the sexiest most erotic moan ever.

That was my defining moment and why it's not only about the concave tummy, but also about the sleeping.
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